Create A Proxy That Connects To A Local Server And Encrypts Publicly

By ITguy1986 ·
I have a server (server 1) that runs off of "Secure File Sharing Web Sever, it has a feature that generates a certificate, however it cannot generate a CSR, or import a certificate. Since I can't use it to encrypt the traffic I have decided that I want to use another server (server 2) to encrypt the traffic. What I need is for the other server (server 2) to act as a proxy by taking local unencrypted traffic from the server (server 1) that can't do encryption. Then encrypting the data and sending it to the user, same in reverse when a user logs on, the server (server 2) will encrypt the traffic publicly. Then communicate with server 1. Does anyone know of any software, commands, or settings that can do this? I should also mention that server 2 has macOS server (a version that has not been stripped of nearly every feature).
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