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I am looking to find a database system where a user can input data in a "form" format and that data can be linked to other data so that when one thing is queried, anything that it's linked to will be found. For instance, Item #10 is put in the system, and it's linked to Service #16 & Service #19. When Item # 10 is searched, service #16 and #19 should be returned and vice versa when either service #16 or #19 is searched, item #10 should be returned. This seems like a simple feature for a database system, but I am very new and unfamiliar with creating something like this. Thank you!!
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This is usually done by

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Database Options

1. A database admin type person or
2. A programmer.

For beginning database users they usually end up with forms and reports as they learn enough to create their custom system.

Sometimes the newest of the new want to have a complete system delivered to them by others. For that you look to Fiverr or Upwork until you have time to invest on your own.

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Re: database

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Database Options

The database is to store the data, and the GUI is for the user to enter and retrieve it. It seems you are needing both.

Long ago one used dBASE for such. Nowadays you can use MS Access, or - in simple cases - MS Excel (has forms, and vertical lookup for linkages). Or PHP/MySQL (or may more modern alternatives if) it has to be accessible via Internet.).

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Database - Access

by kbohrer84 In reply to Database Options

So based on what you said, just to clarify, would Access work for my purposes? As mentioned, I want the user interface for data entry to be a form, and I also want the report that is returned to be in a form type format. Will that be possible with Access? I don't need it to be accessible over the Internet, it just needs to be accessible for 100-150 employees on a local network. Thank you!!

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At 100+ user access.

by proffitt In reply to Database - Access

No one I know would use Access. The usual system would be the usual combination of web server for the front end, some SQL Server (MySQL is very common) for the database work and for the back end, PHP and such.

People that create such things are now widely available. Costs for the software for said server start at free with the usual LAMP or WAMP. Read As to the Internet think as that as your network.

(Added with edit.) While the OS, server software and such is free, someone such as a programmer pulls it all together.

Remember that this may be overload to the newer folk beginning such a project but it's important to never make such in Excel or Access since this must work for over one hundred people. I've seen many disasters where someone didn't know about scale and made a spreadsheet or Access solution and then they were fighting with either for years.

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Agree with that.

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to At 100+ user access.
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Databasr system

by naxtre1234 In reply to Database Options

Redis the database can be used for the query asked.

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