Dell Laptop

By lovetoloveyou ·
I have a dell laptop computor
I turn it on and get .....continue with system resume... I press enter etc, nothing happens
Are there any tricks or tweaks I could try to finally get onto this dell laptop

I bought it ... reconditioned... prob 5 years ago
thanks for help or advice
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It may be time to disable HIBERNATION.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Dell Laptop

But there is missing information here about the laptop. Specifically the OS.

As to getting onto this laptop my usual workaround is to boot ANY current Linux. We don't need to learn Linux! Read

Now that we have access to the HDD on the PC we can use the file manager to delete HIBERFIL.SYS and force a full boot.

Remember I take it you did your research and need my way of dealing with this issue.

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discussion about Dell Model Number Latitude E6430 3rd Generation core i5.

by ema031 In reply to It may be time to disable ...

I m facing problems with this dell model. Please guide me about speed Wi-Fi network or key board. its speed is very slow. Or guide me about latest or best Dell laptop. My question here is old model is good or new model? Should i change my dell model yes or not. Because i don't know about laptops?

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Re: old laptop

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to discussion about Dell Mod ...

Don't bury your question in a discussion about something else. Please make a new post for your question. And, while doing that, be more clear about what you mean with slow WiFi and slow keyboard. And tell about other problems you might have.

Remember there is no "best" laptop. There only are laptops that are better suited to what you want to do with it, and laptops that aren't so good for that (an office laptop for gaming) or too expensive (a gaming laptop for office work, or the latest model while a refurbished one from 3 years ago would be fine).

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DELL laptop

by lovetoloveyou In reply to Dell Laptop

as I say all I can do is switch it on and then all I get is the line....
continue with system resume ...

is there nothing I can do ? som other way of turning it on for eg .... Im at a complete impass

saw model No on the back ....PPO4X

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So you are reporting.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to DELL laptop

That you booted another OS from USB, deleted the hiberfil.sys and trying to boot from the HDD it still does this?

Sometimes I find folk that don't follow instructions and for them it's usually a trip to the shop.

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Have you ....

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to Dell Laptop

tried to go into "Safe Mode" as the BIOS first starts to load? Did you make any recent updates to the laptop ? You might try contacting Dell directly. Could be a failed/failing hard disk from your description. Not a chance a 5 year old computer is still under warranty. I suggest that you take it to a computer repair shop for evaluation.

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Dell laptop

by hh4rryjohn In reply to Dell Laptop

I think you should contact Dell. The symptoms you mention usually portend an HDD failure work or SSD.

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