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Do CIOs get asked for tech help?

By srcordero ·
I am wondering: are CIOs viewed by their peers and family as 'the tech' to ask when the presentation doesn't run or something won't print?

I have the suspicion that as a group, no. They have people for that.

What say you?

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CIO as Help Desk

by TooOldToRemember In reply to Do CIOs get asked for tec ...

Of course we do. But typically it is from other c-level execs that feel embarrased about asking the help desk for something (at work) or from friends and family that don't truly understand our jobs (at home). I certainly do have people that take care of these things for our company at work, but I sometimes act as the conduit to them.

Do I resent it? Not at all. I would prefer they take it to the people whose role it is to support them, but I would also rather not have them hold onto a problem until it becomes such a frustration to them it comes up at the wrong time in the wrong situation.

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Are you kidding?

by JackOfAllTech In reply to Do CIOs get asked for tec ...

Everyone, except the CIOs themselves (including most of the wives) look at them as the pointy-haired boss in Dilbert.

No one would dream of asking them to do anything beyond getting themselves dressed.

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