Dual Monitor support for a thin client

By rtp2006 ·
Hi I have an older HP Neoware CA21 thin client and the specs do not indicate support for dual monitors. When I look at the graphics settings it also doesn't seem to indicate the option of dual monitors.

My question is does anybody know if I can cheat? For example and external device or splitter that might enable dual monitor view? I am probably grasping at straws but thought I'd ask.

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re: Using an external device.

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Dual Monitor support for ...

Even if you found an external device or splitter that would work with it, the support for the duals wouldn't be there. You would get the same picture on both screens.

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by vhrocker In reply to re: Using an external dev ...

I have personally seen a USB docking device that had video support. The device was used for a laptop and I remember being the option for 2 screens.

Of course there are now usb 2.0 video cards out that you can buy as long as you don't need performance. But if it's just a n office system, it should be ok.

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DVI outputs support Dual Configuration

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to actually

Dell or one of those places used to have a Lead that plugged into a DVI port and gave a Extended Desktop on 2 VGA monitors.

External VGA Splitters can be purchased that will offer an extended Desktop facility but they are not cheap. Though they would probably be your Answer here.

Only problem is that the place where I used to get these from no longer has them so I can not point you to a specific Brand to look for.


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