Dual Monitors on Laptops

By jasonbis ·
I suppport users that have D620 latitudes using a Dell docking station with two Dell monitors. I configure one to be the primary and extend the desktop to the second one. Everything works perfect until I restart the machine. Then it does what it wants to do and changes either to a mirrored setup or switches the displays so the primary now becomes the secondary and vice-versa. It's very annoying. I have to reconfigure it every single time I restart the laptop. This is happening with 3 different latitude d620s and a couple different types of Dell 20 inch flatscreens. Another undesired result is the icons shift around after docking and undocking which I'm sure has to do with the differences in resolution on the laptop and the docking station/monitor. The trouble is they don't offer the exact same resolution so I'm not sure how to fix it. Any idea? I do have the latest drivers for everything and I have even switched the monitor cables and played around with the multiple monitor settings trying to get it to stay. The docking station has one DVI and one VGA that I am using for the dual monitors. This arrangement worked just fine on the D610 for the last 3 years.

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d620 dual monitor setup

by aarontarin In reply to Dual Monitors on Laptops

Do the d620's have integratd graphics cards? What is the model of the docking stations you are using? Are you able to have all three montiors working at the same time, meaning 2 independant LCD's plus the laptop LCD? Let me know as I might be having a similar issue.

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Same here...any help???

by bobspamalias In reply to Dual Monitors on Laptops

I have a D620 in a port replicator connected to two external displays (both dell). Each time I reboot, everything goes haywire. I have to setup the monitors all over again each time. For some reason, it picks a different setup each time!

Arg....very very frustrating!

Same problem in Vista and XP...

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I ALSO have this problem!

by andrew.kearns In reply to Same here...any help???

Dell D620s with Dell docking stations. I set them up one way, restart the machine, and it goes back to the original configuration. Does ANYBODY know how to keep the configuration settings the same?!?!?! Please, any info might help!


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Please confirm your equipment

by ccmbrulak In reply to Dual Monitors on Laptops

Hi, I'm investigating the same setup. Could you please confirm which docking station you have:
- D/Port Advanced Port Replicator
- D/Dock, Expansion Station

Thanks. It is real cool to see someone else with this setup.

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Same Problem . . .

by bnorsworthy In reply to Dual Monitors on Laptops

I have the same problem, however, it only occurs if, after undocking, I use the laptop in laptop mode, then later dock the laptop again. If I undock, and I don't use the laptop before docking again, the screen configuration is fine. Has anyone found a fix for this?

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The problem seems epidemic

by sperry532 In reply to Dual Monitors on Laptops

I have the exact same problem on one of our Lattitude D620's and it's docking station. The Dualview lasts until sign on, then it goes to clone mode. The Primary and Secondary screens are switched; VGA should be primary, DVI should be the extension, but it's reversed.

It has a D/Port port replicator.

The truly odd thing is we have 5 other D620s and this is the only one with this problem.

Sadly, tech support hasn't been very helpful.

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Same problem

by gitcheye In reply to Dual Monitors on Laptops

Dell Latitude D620 notebook with NVIDIA Quadro NVS 110m (driver is nvidia and running Window 7 Ultimate
Dell D/Dock deluxe docking station with (1) DVI and (1) VGA connection
(2) Westinghouse 22? monitors with DVI and VGA

I want to run Westinghouse dual monitors with laptop monitor closed. Both monitors need to run 1680 x 1050 resolution.
I have everything working perfectly except the monitor that is using the DVI connection is currently running at 1024 X 768 resolution and has no option to run at 1680 x 1050.
This combination has worked recently but it somehow reset itself and I can?t get the resolution to change.

Solutions that have failed:
Updating drivers from Dell?s website to the latest and greatest?.all updated drivers from nvidia only recognize one monitor?.only current version shows both monitors.
Running a video card in the available PCI slot in the docking station. Works but at 1680 x 1050, the mouse becomes sluggish and slows the notebook. Also tried usb / VGA combo with same result.

Any possible solutions would be welcomed.

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