E-YOOSO X-7 Gaming Mouse

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Does anyone have a E-YOOSO X7 gaming mouse? I just got one. I want to use it for recording macros - which it does very nicely. The problem is, it creates macros in .BIN file format. Can anyone tell me how to run such a macro? All I'm trying to do is execute a macro that opens up a specific app and clicks a certain option within the app. I love the mouse and hope someone can help. Do the .BIN files need to be converted to .EXEs somehow? Thank in advance.

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No manual? Isn't this a 10 dollar mouse?

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to E-YOOSO X-7 Gaming Mouse

I watched

and found no mention of macro software.

Maybe what you want is best done with AUTOHOTKEY? What is, where to get and how to use is all over the web so I won't write much more here.

As to your question, no manual was found as well as no tutorial so my answer is no.

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Thanks for the reply

by ritaliotta In reply to No manual? Isn't this a 1 ...

Yes, It was inexpensive, but I thought I needed a mouse capable of recording a macro. Will give HotKey a try. Thanks for the reply.

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by ritaliotta In reply to No manual? Isn't this a 1 ...

Inside the box was a link to download a small manual.

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