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By drew53813 ·
Hello, new member here. I am currently employed as a Respiratory Therapist (12 yrs) in a good size hospital in the Bay Area, CA. My job is very physically demanding and I work long days and 12 hour shifts. I am looking down the road to make a switch to IT as I can't see myself doing patient care the rest of my life. I have always been interested in computers and studied about them quite a bit in HS. My plan is to attend a junior college in my area and obtain an A.S. degree in IT w/network emphasis. I would like to hear from people on pros/cons of the job/industry, pay, job prospects. It would be great to hear from people in the healthcare industry as thats where I want to work. Thank you
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Sounds like the company is mistreating you.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Employment/Education

I hate to write this but you are being exploited. You might want to meet a lawyer to build a case here.

As to the computer industry, it's changed so much during COVID that I can't say that the AS IT Network will land you a job as work from home changed so much. Companies found themselves with too much office space, a too big office network and so on. It may take years for this to return if ever to what it was prior to 2020.

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Unfortunately, in most health care fields

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to Sounds like the company i ...

this is standard operating procedures! It is also one of the reasons I left my previous profession, after over 34 years. I just couldn't see myself working those long shifts with NO BREAKS (you can read about this just bing , google or duckduckgo it) in the pharmacy. When my little drugstore was forced to close, I decided it was time for a change...I've been a CNC machinist for the past 4+ years, lol! I didn't really consider IT work, even though I had done some with AIX, as well as Windows and Linux...some of those fields are just as bad as pharmacy!

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