EX7 and failed HP all in one 5600

By hmmmmm! ·
Have a machine with XP, they "updated to EX7" and tried to reload their HP 5610 All in one. The SW failed to load properly. I uninstalled EX7 via MS site. Updated ex6 to all but ex7.
Went through HD and got out all ex7 and the HP out of it I can find.
NOW HP SW will not load correctly and will not ID the HW. Can only get printer and fax, but no scanner and no HP solutions Icon to work from. The downloads showed as incomplete. Went to another mirrored machine, copied the HP 5610 download from it, replace the three missing folder. DID not work. Went to HP site and got their full download, that did not work.
Checked www and all sorts of issues with the 5600 SW and MS, more so if ex7 the HP SW is not working, HP no longer supports although the got machine in 2006 at WM. NOT a fan of HP SW and never was, but would like to get it working.. NOTE all worked well on same machine six months back. They stopped using the printer and SW was removed. No go now.
Out of followed about everything posted. So.. anyone out there saddle broke this beastie?

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All in ones

by shasca In reply to EX7 and failed HP all in ...

I agree that HP all in one software is crap. That being said I have found that you get one chance to install it properly. After that it seems to never uninstall completely, and the Registry gets honked up. You could try going search"find by find" in the registry to clean up the leftovers. Try a registry cleaner. You may end up reimaging in a worst case scenario.

The allinone will never establish a good clean two way connection if it is on, but will not load any part of the HP Manager at bootup.
Let us know

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HP 5600

by hmmmmm! In reply to All in ones

Have used the HP Uninstall which is not to great, then went to "REVO Uninstaller" which seems to get to registry and any orphan files..and then did search and found a few more out there. Also ran Reg Cleaner and manual searchs.
After we download the HP SW all we end up with is their photo programs as icon and the "do you want to add additional device, etc" I checked that load against another machine that is running it fine.
Seems about three folders missing.. So..copied ALL the SW folders, removed the HP ones..then copied into the Programs HP folder.. Still cannot get HP SOLUTIONS CENTER Icon, but do find a 5600 in printers area, which will print and fax will work, but no icons. NO luck on scanner as when you bring it up on 5600 keys it simply is "error and trouble shoot". Now not sure where to go.. will one more time uninstall and try to flush out anything hiding. I know the SW was there...but something not allowing Scanner to load, and no ICON. I would never buy a HP item.. as their SW is some of worst around.. NOT real sure what you meant in last sentence about clean two way etc. Stil cannot find out why the HP SW will not load full program. and why during some set up's when hardware or "device" part of install goes on, sometimes that just vanished..
NOTE HP is NO help..unless we want to pay them...for their lousy way...

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by shasca In reply to HP 5600

At this point the HP software has taken a bite out of the Registry it seems. I have had to either search key by key in the registry for keys names like "5600", "solutions Center". You can't do HP as there are a thousand default driver keys in the registry that don't apply.
It is impossible to make an application that does not install fully work by copying missing folders from a successful install on another PC. Your solution is in the registry, and my require a rebuild if you cannot get the failed install cleaned up manually.

Is this the link you followed to download the all-in-one software?

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5600 no go

by hmmmmm! In reply to Registry

We used the download you sent.. ended up same as before.. got a printer and fax.. but NO icons so opened from folders. No scanner at all and an off and on again "detect devise" install there. Will run another registry search for 5600 as we removed about all the 5600 we could find.. It seems that as mentioned, that HP gives you one clean install and you live with that one or else.. Becoming less and less of fan of their ti seems they never get the SW quite right..
Will see what another registry search shows up this time. Did seem odd that the HP SW only installed three of six folders..

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Registry cln did not work

by hmmmmm! In reply to Registry

Went into registry and took out all we can find. Reloaded HP with PC offline, shut off firewall and all others. SW loaded and ask for "device" and loaded it.'
BUT... icon on desktop now says "no device loaded". and no start for on there for printter, etc. Note can print from word etc as shows 5600 printer there, can send fax via 5600 keyboard, did not try via PC.
Checked HPO folder @ Program files,.all folders there except text file.
Not sure what to do now as it seems something is holding back part of the solutions center icon that tells me "device not will not allow use of fax, printer or scanner via Solutions center. Guess will have to try and find if HP put in any icons for them. and put such on desktop.. again same ole issues that HP is not the best SW around, if my choice would never use HP.
Checked MS devise manager "scanner, printer fax" all working properly and no new device drivers needed etc. Kind of out of ideas as another machine runs the 5600 perfectly. note it has one download of SW, never removed etc and will not touch it..

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out of options

by shasca In reply to Registry cln did not work

If it were me I would reimage the PC. I have had countless problems with HP all-in-ones. This problem seems to be that the Device is unable to establish two way connectivity.
There was an issue back a few years ago with LPT connections that you would have to change BIOS settings for different type communication ECP/PPP but no such issues are known with USB. That points to corrupt OS to me.

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reimage manhine to solve 5600

by hmmmmm! In reply to out of options

Sorry but all else works fine and would take to much time and resources to "reimage" for transfer of data etc.. would be using a flamethrower to kill a fly and burn house down. The OS is not the issue as all, to include the 5600 worked fine a month before..but removed it for location else where to include remove SW... all is there in systems but for some reason cannot get the start on Solutions...and the it did ask for and recognize the HW and did load it. Something bad, as usual with the HP SW..and they dodge the issue. www search seesm to find many have had same of worse. Any idea of how to get the "start" for the scanner as all else is OK, printer and Fax will work.. but cannot find out how to fire up scanner.. NEW RULE we all agreed with. NO MORE HP.

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by shasca In reply to reimage manhine to solve ...

Have you tried installing this printer on a different PC to verify that there is no hardware failure in the scan function?
If it will install and function as designed on a different PC then it is The OS of the PC we are working on. = reimage/rebuild.

Anyone else got any ideas about anything I may have missed??

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