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Friday Yuk

By Shellbot ·
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Ok people..its Friday..for those of us in Eire..its a long UK folks the same??
Have a great one everyone..think of me while doing so..Dr has ordered me to do nothing, eat nothing nice or drink nothing i'm sh@gged..well..not....ah never mind
<b>Jamaican Baby</b><br>
A Jamaican man bought a round of drinks for everyone in the bar,
announcing that his wife had just given birth to "a typical
Jamaican baby boy weighing 20 pounds." <br>

Congratulations showered him from all around, and many
exclamations of "Wow!" were heard. A woman fainted due to sympathy

Two weeks later, he returned to the bar. The bartender said, "Say,
you're the father of the Jamaican baby who weighed 20 pounds at
birth. How much does he weigh now?"

The proud father answered, "Fifteen pounds."

The bartender was puzzled. "Why? What happened? He weighed 20
pounds at birth?"

The Jamaican father took a slow sip from his Red Stripe beer,
wiped his lips on his shirtsleeve, leaned into the bartender and
said, "Had him circumcised.

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But the hot dog vendor...

by critch In reply to well I read different boo ...

when asked about the change for $20 bill that the buddhist paid with said

"But change comes from within...."

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Nice One

by midniteone In reply to But the hot dog vendor...

ROFLMU (for Unenlightened) AO

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Destroy the computer

by OnTheRopes In reply to Friday Yuk
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by Shellbot In reply to Destroy the computer

i guess she don't like internet porn then does she..
yeesh..some people

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Good Grief, Charlie Brown

by midniteone In reply to Destroy the computer

I'm speechless - well, almost - which at least stops me hijacking the thread.

Good grief.

On a different, and lighter, tack, can we have an updated version of the Turing Test? Something like, if you're working under properly controlled laboratory conditions, and you're getting messages, apparently from another terminal, and you can't tell whether it's a human or a computer, then basically you're stuffed?

alternatively, consider the day that Descartes went into McDonalds and asked for a burger and they said 'do you want fries with that?' and he said 'I think not' and promptly disappeared...

or the proton that thought she was pregnant and her partner said 'are you sure?' and she said 'I'm positive'...similarly, an electron was queueing up for the cinema and just got ushered past the pay desk and said "what's going on?" and they said "for you, no charge"

have a good weekend

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Like It But

by midniteone In reply to I'm positive

have you got a picture for everything or just a very fast search engine on tap?

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He has a picture for every purpose

by Tig2 In reply to Like It But

Scary, isn't it?

But they're always good!

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Everything. If I don't <i>have</i> it I'll <i>make</i> it.

by OnTheRopes In reply to Like It But
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by Tig2 In reply to Everything. If I don't <i ...

Can you make me a pink ribbon wearing athletic shoes? I will need a new avatar for next year- my 3-peat!

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