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Fujitsu fi-6770 Scanner ADF Jamming

By kyle.baker ·
The auto document feeder on our fi-6770 repeatedly jams to the point that not even plain flat fresh paper will go through any more. When it first started happening I replaced the pick rollers and the brake roller. This solved the problem for a while. After a while it started jamming up all the time. After a thorough cleaning of scraping off all build up on the internal rollers and putting the alcohol sprayed cleaning page through numerous times it started working again.

Now no amount of cleaning or roller changing will fix it. The cleaning page won't even go through any more it jams up as well. Any suggestions or ideas on how to fix this other than buy a new ADF?

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Often sensors wear out or get bent

by robo_dev In reply to Fujitsu fi-6770 Scanner ...

A common problem in laser printers is that the sensor that detects the jam gets worn, or if it's a metal-arm switch, it gets bent.

Most devices use a little plastic arm on a micro-switch as the sensor to detect paper passage, and the abrasion of the paper will wear down the plastic enough to make it hyper-sensitive. It's easy to miss, because you don't expect the plastic part to be worn down....

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Scanner not printer though the concept applies I think.

by kyle.baker In reply to Often sensors wear out or ...

It does have plastic switches to track paper passage. But if it was them being over sensitive would the paper not actually jam? At times it actually keeps trying to pull the paper through and it crinkles up in the middle only. Why the rest of it seems stuck in place as the center is tugged.

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It depends on the exact mechanism

by robo_dev In reply to Scanner not printer thoug ...

I was not sure in your original post if you are getting both 'false jams' and real jams.

Often if there are sensor problems, the device will stop feeding and indicate a jam, when there really is no problem.

I know this is not overly helpful, but paper feed mechanisms can be finicky, and the best overall approach is to replace pretty much everything in the paper path, as even a very slight difference in the friction of a pick-up roller, or even a tiny rough spot on a plastic sensor can cause a jam.

Note too that sometimes the ADF cable-connection to the scanner can be faulty, which can cause unpredictable results as well. If wire connectors are not properly seated, or cables are damaged from flexing, you could see sensor issues or drive-motor issues.

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