Gaming laptop overheating

By Bellbill ·
Hello all,

I've got a new GF65 Thin from MSI, i9750h + RTX 2060.

Did some undervolt, using a 5 vents cooler pad.

Did some Doom Eternal and Witcher 3 (with improved textures) and the temperatures rose to around 95/97°. It's not a costant temperature, it's just a peak It reaches sometimes, usually It works under 80°, but it's getting me worried. I've still 4 days to give the laptop back If I'm not satistified, but I think I understand the situation is similar with all gaming laptops... What do you think?

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Does not sound like overheating.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Gaming laptop overheating

This is a thin laptop so the temperatures are designed to go near the CPU/GPU maximum since the laptop is thin and can only eject so many BTUs.

If you want the best gaming experience and temperatures much lower you know you avoid the thin laptops, most likely have to get a desktop unit and always check out reviews that do heat maps and more. Nod to

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by Bellbill In reply to Does not sound like overh ...

Thank you for that site!
At least I know my unit Is not defective! I'll find and expert to put a good thermal paste (they Say factory One Is not so good)!
Thank you again, you were the most useful among all my posts.

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It's normal

by 96vr46 In reply to Gaming laptop overheating

All gaming laptops get heated upto the temperatures that you mentioned. Even i have dell g7 laptop and was scared at first when i started playing games but then i noticed its the same with all gaming laptops.

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Common issue

by mariabella devin In reply to Gaming laptop overheating

All gaming PCs get warmed up to the temperatures that you referenced. Indeed, even I have hp g8 PC and was frightened from the outset when I began messing around however then I saw its the equivalent with all gaming workstations.

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gaming laptop

by johns6122 In reply to Common issue

Lenovo Ideapad 15

The Lenovo Ideapad 15 is another great option for gaming laptop under 500. I have Windows 10 in S mode as my operating system, so if you want to use an app that isn't in the Windows Store, you can get it using one of the many online guides.

It has a sturdy plastic housing in a nice platinum grey colour. Good connectivity with three USB-A ports (HDMI) output and SD card reader can read SD, SDHC, SCXC and MMC cards. It's also quite light at 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs).

Typing on Lenovo Ideapad, you will find that the keyboard is quiet, but the keystrokes are hard. The touchpad is soft and responsive, but clicking the mouse button makes it quite noisy.

The screen has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) and is a decent colour range. The screen has a maximum brightness of 200 nits, so it cannot use it outdoors.

This laptop has good specs for the price. It has an AMD Ryzen 3 CPU, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 256GB SSD and Vega 3 integrated graphics card. This specification means it can handle some multitasking and run most games in mid-to low-end graphics settings.

The number one reason this laptop is the 9th laptop is because of its substandard battery life. Expect less than 3 hours of battery life before reconnecting.

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by jaceytome In reply to Gaming laptop overheating

If your laptop is overheating when playing games, perhaps the problem is insufficient cooling. However, you can fix this problem simply by purchasing a cooling pad. If you don't want to purchase a cooling pad, you can try using your laptop on a clean, flat surface.

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