GOSH I hate windows Vista

By omnknt232006 ·
So I just bought this wonderful new Dell XPS M1730 high performance gaming pc with 400 GB HDD, 64 Bit Vista, 4 Gig of Ram. It's a laptop. I use dual monitors I have my regular laptop monitor and then a gateway 22" flat panel. Last night I downloaded some stupid windows update and it managed to switch my monitor identification around so monitor one is the flat panel and monitor 2 is laptop monitor which effectively turns my entire desktop opposite. Windows has my laptop monitor being on the right and being monitor one where the start button and everything is, the problem is my laptop monitor is on the left. I can't figure out how to re-identify the monitors. I tried just unplugging the thing from the laptop in hopes that it would magically fix itself to no avail. when I plugged the extra monitor back in it went right back to the way it was. Any feedback that can tell me how to fix the problem will be greatly appreciated.

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On most laptops............

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to GOSH I hate windows Vista

... there is a function/button to switch the display around between monitors... i.e., make one primary. On my laptop, it's the function+F7 key that does it. Yours may be different.

Perhaps you've accidentally pushed that button.

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