has any one had a desktop stop fuctioning after setting idle overnight

By weddude ·
we have a new dell desktop with windows xp pro and after setting idle over night the mouse and keyboard are non functioning we have to restart computer to contueing working

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Power options

by TobiF In reply to has any one had a desktop ...

Have a look at the settings for power options.

It is possible the computer went into sleep mode or hibernation, and the USB controller isn't starting up the correct way.

1. Make sure you don't allow the computer to turn off power to USB ports while going into sleep.

if 1. doesn't work, consider
2. Not allowing the computer to go into sleep or hibernation after some period of inactivity.

3. Get used to booting up the computer in the morning and turning it off in the evening... :)

4. By the way, if the computer doesn't handle sleep mode well, try if it comes out well from hibernation.

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I had that problem. It wouldn't wake from low-power sleep.

by DelbertPGH In reply to has any one had a desktop ...

My HP was that way. The only way it would start after slipping into reduced-power sleep was to pull the plug for a hard reset. I had to disable sleep mode, and let the damn thing burn power 24 hours a day.

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That is a common issue

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to has any one had a desktop ...

And is always related to the Hardware Involved.

When this happens there is no cure for it unless M$ release a Patch down the road to address that issue or the Hardware Drivers get updated latter.

Naturally I'm assuming that you have the latest Hardware Drivers Installed, but as this is a New Computer loaded with XP it may very well be an issue that was never supposed to happen as XP is now effectively no longer being sold. So new Hardware may not work with it as well as it should.

Also as Dell no longer provide XP as a Option I'm betting that they will not accept it back Under Guarantee for repair/s.


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