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By techie123890 ·
I have CCNA certificate but I'm working in IT help desk(ITES) for 1 year now.I wanna work in IT say as a network engineer.Is there any way to make it into IT?

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Yes there is

by Michael Jay In reply to Help!!!

and you have started it, your move into IT, the help desk is kicking at the door, but not enough. Just one year, now the next step, ask your employer if there is a way to move up, if not you must hit the street, the CCNA cert will help plus the year experience may land you in yet another help desk, get more certs if you can and again look for advancement.

It will not be easy, but if this is where you want to go only you can make it happen, best of luck to you.

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You can do it bro...

by cchandima In reply to Help!!!

Yah..CCNA is a added advantage to go towards your goal..But I think you are very speedy...Please don't because help desk is the most valuable starting point to start..Just spend two or more than in this position and gain the experience and also improve your CCNP and towards..during this period try to find the company needs and be prepare to full fill those on your character...Show your talent and be the best person in your company..Road is yours now...
Best of luck DEAR..

chandima nimalka

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by gorman.mi In reply to Help!!!

If this was 1995 I'd sympathize-but IT Support and 'The Help Desk' is no longer the 1st rung on the IT ladder, although those people who are not very good at the job often describe it this way still. The Help Desk is probably the most important IT role in the department-sure, networking and data base admin can seem 'sexier' but it depends on your temperament; the whole reason for the IT department's existence is People using IT-it is not there to provide opportunities for displays of technical wizardry, or deploying network infrastructure for the sake of it. A true, experienced, qualified Help Desk Engineer is a composite of all IT skills-Systems Administrator, Network Engineer, IT Architect-you name it. In a mature IT environment the Help Desk deals with the entire spectrum of IT issues. Sure there are call-and -log desks, but these are not true IT Help-Desks-look at the Help Desk as an opportunity to grow, and demonstrate your skills-don't fall into the trap of being a narrow-arrogant IT superstar just passing through the Help Desk, on to glory!-I've seen these types come and go, they are usually not very good at anything much.

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by sslevine In reply to Help!!!

You need experience. I had interns come work for me part time recently when I managed a network for a municipality. They did not get paid, but I kept a log of what they accomplished and experience. School districts, for example, never have enough IT staff, and if you know someone in that system (teacher, parent of a student etc.) who knows you have skills and will vouch for you, you can get a lot of hands-on experience - which is what a lot of employers look for.

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Same Boat!

by DavidParc In reply to Help!!!

I have done Help Desk for 8 months now, I have A+, Net+, Sec+, CCNA.
I can't agree more with "Depends" This helpdesk job is the best place to rack up experience. I get exposed to just about everything here! I want to stay for at least 2 years before I look for promotion/advancement. In this time I will rack up on Associate level and Professional level Certs (CCNA SEC/Voice, MCTS SRV 2008/Win7, MCITP/CCNP). Need to work on a degree as well before I am ready to level up my career.

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All in Time

by vulturex In reply to Help!!!

It doesn't matter how many certs you have or even if you have a degree or not,
It all comes down to a Resume with a proven track record. Experience is what management looks for, not people with a few certs and only a hot minute in IT. and another thing. It ain't about the title , its about the pay . If you get hung up on the title then you're only wasting everyone's time. It is about troubleshooting and the ability to adapt and learn .

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Been there done that

by squirrelgirl In reply to Help!!!

I had a CCNA and began my IT career at the helpdesk. While the pay was horrible, the knowledge I gained was invaluable. Having never worked in a domain environment, I worked for 1 year as level-1 support in a large company with 2,000 users. During that time I was exposed to almost every problem and, thanks to a great team of co-workers, learned a lot. On my 1-year anniversary I ended up getting a promotion to level 3 end-user support. The pay jump was enormous. I have been working in this position for 4 years now.

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A year?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Help!!!

Dude, I did data entry for two before I could move to a junior programming slot.

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Is a year the only experience you have in IT?

by WmTConqror In reply to Help!!!

I commend you on passing your CCNA. I am glad you have a job in an IT field. The question you should ask isn't how do I get out of here, it's where do I go when I am out of here. What are you trying to get to? IT can be split into a jillion different jobs: Project Manager, Program Manager, Service Desk Manager, System Security Manager, Helpdesk lvl 2, 3, etc... Network Engineer, Sys Admin, Network Admin, Programmer, Developer, Security Engineer, Security Engineer in Bio Metrics... Hardware repair, printer technician. Video Teleconference, Telecom,...

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