Hi I need some assistance with my storage and ram

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I have an HP EliteBook Mobile Workstation 8560w with
[Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2860QM CPU @ 2.50GHz 2.50 GHz][1]
and Nvidia Quadro 1000m and a 64-bit windows 10 pro operating system.
I currently have [this ram installed][2] to the best of my knowledge it was installed from the factory( i am not 100% sure as this laptop was handed down to me). I was searching for the ram myself but it was not helpful at all. This what I know so far(this will probably save you some time)-
a)My laptop is [upgradeable to 32GB with (4) 8GB SODIMMs][3] as per the [HP support website][4]
b)This is the spare part number for the memory modules [6340**-001][5] ([it is the same for primary and secondary modules][6])
c)But on this [website][7] [this post][8]t says that it is no longer supplied so we have to order replacement part 670034-001
d)But the [post][9] below it says that he found the ram but for me the link shows [this][10], this is an accepted solution and the author is a 10-year expert.

I also want to know the max SSD and HDD capacity supported by this laptop I currently have [this Samsung SSD instralled][11] I plan to put a Samsung [860 Pro][12] or [870 Evo][13](I know its probably overkill). I also plan to install an HDD caddy in the optical drive bay. on the official website, it says it supports only a [500GB 7200 rpm drive][14] but in [this video][15] at 13:13 he claims to have a 1TB 7200rpm HDD. This left me confused.

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As to the RAM.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Hi I need some assistance ...

I use to order up RAM when it must fit and work.

As to the HDD I can confirm that one of these HP 8560w from memory did come through the shop and we fitted the usual 1TB SSD drive. I see no reason it won't support the newer 2 and 4TB SSD sizes.

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