Home Network Prank

By DriverSearch ·
I would like to play a HARMLESS prank on my twin-brother while he's on his PC at the sametime I am though our home network. I am cabled in the router and he is using the WiFi as he is too far away for a cable. I just want to see where his mouse is, and move it all over the screen. (Ex: right when he wants to go left, etc).
I do not and will not install any software(s). Is there something I can do to make him laugh...He needs a good one lately...this is a good joke. Recently he did something simular to me...and won't tell me how it was done! Revenge is so sweet! Maybe I can use an MSI or Hyperterminal? (We both have Windows XP).

Can anyone Seriously help me pull off this prank??? !!! ???

Please RSVP. Thank you!

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remote desktop

by r6922a In reply to Home Network Prank

all you have to do is set up a p2p through the router then download something called vnc which is a remote desktop app that allows you to get into his system while he is on it and start messing with him, like open up applications or even shut down his system remotely. it is farely easy to set up all you need is his ip address

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Though you may need to enter the

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to remote desktop

Routers Setup and bridge the Wired and WiFi Networks together so that you can communicate with his computer.


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Thanks But No Thanks

by DriverSearch In reply to remote desktop

I will not download any software! Thank you anyhow.

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Use port 5900 to 5901 and run VNC as a service but..

by cmatthews In reply to Home Network Prank not let it interact with the desktop. (I think I recall that this is so it will not show the icon in the system tray).

Check here for more cover-up info:

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I am nonplussed!

by santeewelding In reply to Use port 5900 to 5901 and ...
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by DriverSearch In reply to I am nonplussed!

WTF do you mean???

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Here you go.

by Ron K. In reply to WTF?
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by DriverSearch In reply to Use port 5900 to 5901 and ...

Will try this out! Hope it works.

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To add a little more detail.. VNC has several flavors..

by cmatthews In reply to Thanks

..but may personal fave is UVNC here:

I used to like to use version 1.02 but I don't like the way it started to go at version 1.05. Since most of my work is done at the domain level I rarely use it anymore.

Another variant is Tight-VNC but remember this, when running these remote agents as a service, it's good to get set the service "recovery" (run services.msc) to restart perpetually so you'll not loose control if they get wise and terminate the process.

(This way it keeps on coming back like a bad penny..) Have fun (and give me a thumb)!!

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