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How can I find the best eсommerce app development company?

By ykrophelen ·
Hi, I have an idea to develop an online store application. But how do I get someone to develop an app idea? What should I pay attention to first of all?

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Re: best developer

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to How can I find the best e ...

There are many companies and freelancers that can make an app for you. And surely it's impossible to say that one is the "best". You'd better go for "good enough".

The first thing to do is to decide if a freelancer can be good enough. Then go to sites like If you want a company use Google to find a lot, both in your own country or offshore. Look at their sites, see if you can find reviews, then contact a few, ask for references and if those are good ("we made app X and Y and Z", and those look good to you) ask for an estimate of the costs.

Here's a helpful (?) google search: .

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Best list of eCommerce app development company

by bispendrasingh In reply to How can I find the best e ...

I've mentioned a list of some best eCommerce app development companies below that can make an app for you.

You can opt for companies like BR Softech, concettolabs, hiddenbrains, krify, codiant, protocloudtechnologies, intelivita, octalsoftware, agileinfoways, orangemantra, lilacinfotech, tecocraft, aglowiditsolutions, tvisha, enukesoftware, etc.

You don't need to worry about hiring them because all them are the expert in their work and have many years of experience.

Then cost of making an eCommerce app vary from company to company, every company calculate the app cost estimation according to their.

I hope my answer will you in solving your query....

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Re: company

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Best list of eCommerce ap ...

Seeing your username, I assume that most, if not all, of the companies you mention, are located in India.

The OP might prefer to find a developer he can talk to in his own language and maybe even in person.

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How to find the best ecommerce app development company

by alexwerener0 In reply to How can I find the best e ...

Hi! First of all, pay attention to the size of the company: if the project is small, it is better to work with an appropriate company. Then ask for an estimate of your project so that you can calculate your budget. It is also important to know what kind of support the company provides in the process and its responsibility. Of course, it is worth reading the reviews about the company.

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How can I find the best eсommerce app development company?

by jon1637604766 In reply to How can I find the best e ...

I am developing video flashcard app for Brazilian Ju Jitsu and MMA, and know nothing about developing apps. But I did have a very clear idea of what I wanted my app to do. I have had a very satisfying experience, so far, and expect to launch my app in a few weeks. I have no idea whether I will turn a profit. But the outsourcing process has been pretty straight forward.

I will tell you what I did.

I went on UpWorks. I posted a 4-page description of my app, gave examples of similar apps, and provided some drawings I had made on note paper. I invited only companies with high satisfaction ratings (+/-97%),

You will get proposals and offers to talk. At this point you should ask to talk to the person who would be the Project Manager. The PM is the key to everything. He is the person that takes your ideas and turns them into tasks for everyone else on the team. So, you want to be sure that you communicate well with each other. My PM and I have become good friends over the course of my project.

My PM anticipated all of the requirements for my app that I did not include, so there were not a lot of extra charges for things that I didn't mention. There have been no negative surprises. It has cost around $12K.

The development of my app has not been fast. But the pace has suited me, because I have a full time job. Some weeks, my PM and I would talk daily. Other weeks were quiet. He would give me various tasks, like reviewing wireframes, opening accounts on Google and Apple stores, etc., that were manageable on my schedule. Be clear upfront on your scheduling requirements.

I feel like my PM is fully invested in the success of the app, which makes sense, because he wants to build a portfolio of successful apps that he has managed, and his company wants to maintain high ratings.

If you go with a high ranking organization, I don't think you need to be worried about being cheated. There is an incentive for them to meet your expectations. You will only run into problems if you do not communicate adequately or have unrealistic expectations.

Mainly, I would encourage you to GO FOR IT. Developing an app from an idea is a well-worn path. The people you will deal with are pros. Just remember that most apps don't go viral just because you put them in the app store. Building and maintaining a marketing campaign takes commitment.

If you have any other questions, I'll try to answer them.

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Re: How can I find the best eсommerce app development company?

by judyporter765 In reply to How can I find the best e ...

n app developer can make or break your app & business! You need to choose your development partner wisely.

You should keep in mind following points while shortlisting & hiring developer.

1. Take into the consideration experience level of the developer.
2. Access the technical knowledge of the developers. You can take an interview for the same.
3. Communication skills & fluency in English
4. Check his clientele base
5. Take references & take their feedback
6. Data & idea secrecy is also important
7. Ask the hourly rates- some provides flexible engagement models to hire developers i.e. part-time, full-time as well as a team hiring
8. Code ownership?
9. Post-deployment assistance, if any?

Finding the app developer is easy but finding & hiring reliable app developer partner is!

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