How can I share my wireless router?

By litlehelp ·
Hello, I've bought a SITECOM Wireless Router 300N Limited Edition in the summer 2009 last year, I can use it, shared it with other users. But now my problem is that I forgot how to add users to my router and secure it because I realy need to add someboddy. I shared it with my PS3, my ipod touch my sister's laptop and mine. So please help me to add users.

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It'd help having the model number.

by Ron K. In reply to How can I share my wirele ...

I was going to look up the manual here:

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by litlehelp In reply to It'd help having the mode ...

I will look it. Thanks for replying so fast.But I have the problem that I don't know what to ask. On next page are the specs

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Specs of my pc

by litlehelp In reply to It'd help having the mode ...

I checked the site but didn't find anything.
The serial no_ is097236708
And the type is a SITECOM Wireless Router 300N Limited Edition WL-614
My operating system is 32bit vista and the type is SR5542BE

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You didn't find this full manual?

by Ron K. In reply to Specs of my pc
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Ok I found it

by litlehelp In reply to You didn't find this full ...

I didn't found the manual but now I did thanks to you. Great help. Thanks for the usefull help.

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You're welcome.

by Ron K. In reply to Ok I found it

The manual should be a big help to you.<br>

If you still have trouble give us another try. There are some pretty knowledgeable people on here. I've only setup my own wireless (different router) but others have setup dozens, I'm sure.

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Ip adress

by litlehelp In reply to You're welcome.

Because I reached the maximum I deleated and add it that way by erasing comment before.
Now my IP is:
Standardgataway is:
By sharing I mean that I want to add someboddy on my wireless router.
Sorry for my crappy English if my description of my problem isn't that clear but I realy want to do all nessessery, so if there's something manking I'm ready to send all the information you need.
And last but not least I realy want to thank you for your help.

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I'm con fused by what you mean when you say 'share'.

by Ron K. In reply to Ip adress

Share what, exactly? <br>
Note: My router didn't work with the default IP address,, because the modem uses that address. I had to change the router's IP address to, Subnet mask <br>
What is your modem's IP address? <br>
What is your ISP? I've had great phone support and info. in the FAQs from Comcast. Everyone calls it Comcrap. I don't get it. <br>
Maybe your ISP has good FAQs and/or good tech support. Worth a shot but don't forget to explain what you mean by sharing. Folks here can likely help. Don't give up. <br>
I forget, are there other tech support options at your modem mfg.s? <br>
On our wireless network, after we got the wired computers to connect to the Internet there was a disc that created a connection program for our wireless adapter. I've never used Windows Wireless setup Wizard but it's there. <br>
Connecting to the Internet is the first priority. Your post leaves some ambiguity, for me, about whether or not you've done that.

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