How can I track/log printer page counts for multiple users?

By mdeane3 ·
I have one computer set up in a common area with one login for everybody to use it. I am looking to buy a printer to connect to the computer with some type of system where when people print they are required to enter a userid and/or passcode either a) at the printer itself or b) on the computer from which they are printing in order for the printer to print. I also need the program/printer to log the number of pages they print so I can bill them appropriately. I know company printers have the capability to do something like this, but the difference between what I found online and what I am trying to do is that the user log in ID on the computer is universal and everyone uses it, so simply getting a program that shows which user printed the page will not work. If there is any programs or printers with this type of capability I would like to know. Thanks.

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Server queue or direct-print?

by oldbaritone In reply to How can I track/log print ...

If it's a queue on a Windows server, there's some amount of logging in the event logs.

If that's not enough detail, there's also "Paper Cut Print Logger" - and that's free.

Here's a link to a site with many different offerings, some free, some cost-

If you allow the users to print directly, you'll probably need "agent software" on each machine - a print driver that logs the workstation's printing - and then some reporting software to tally the results. Some of them are quite expensive.

Easiest way is to set up the queue on the server (share the printer from the server), and allow only the server to send jobs to the printer. That can usually be done with cabling and/or printer setup such as IP or MAC restrictions.

If you need more detail than that, you're probably into higher-end client billing software. It's common in law offices and many professional offices, where clients are billed by the page. There are many choices available, but most are not free.

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Check the Embedded Webpages

by baldpunk In reply to How can I track/log print ...

The cheapest and most simple method to accomplish the goal you have here is to check the embedded printer webpage. Xerox, for example, has it under their "Jobs" catagory and you can see exactly how many pages were printed by each user. Why buy expensive software if the laser printers will already have what you are looking for built in (for the most part).

You can see some of these laser printers at

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