How do I fully remove sandisk unlocker?

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I recently purchased a SanDisk 2TB Extreme PRO Portable External SSD. It came with security software which I installed without really thinking. It created a virtual CD Drive which has only read permissions used to unlock the drive before using it. I switched the Drive Letter of the Virtual CD (originally ) with the Drive Letter of the external SSD(originally F:) so that the external SSD would appear higher in file explorer.
After realizing it would require me to enter a password in every time my computer restarts I decided to try and uninstall the SanDisk unlocker. I believe that because I switched the Drive Letters when I went into
Setting > Apps and used that to uninstall the software it did not actually remove the unlocker. Currently, anytime I restart my computer I have to run a pointless exe file located on the virtual CD that does not require a password in order for me to have access to my drive. How do I permanently get rid of this Virtual CD Drive and remove the faux lock on my SSD?
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Re: Sandisk unlocker

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to How do I fully remove san ...

- Does it uninstall if you switch the drive letters back to what they were?
- Can you go back to a System Restore Point before you installed that security software?
- Can you go back to an image backup of the HDD/SDD that contains Windows?

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How do you remove a SanDisk Unlocker?

by cillentalbert In reply to How do I fully remove san ...

Unlock SanDisk Write-Protected Device using CMD
list disk.
select disk # (# is the number of your SanDisk USB/SD card/SSD drive that you want to remove write protection from.)
attributes disk clear readonly.

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