How do I print a list of all documents in my documents folder?

By Djambo ·
Not a screen print. I would like to print a hard copy list of all documents in my documents directory, before backing up and deleting on working disk? I know there are some independent programs that can be installed on my computer to do that. Does MS Windows allow that?

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Re-direct Dir command output!!!

by Mehul Bhai In reply to How do I print a list of ...

Simple. Re-direct Dir command output in command prompt to either printer or to a TXT file and then open the file in notepad and PRINT!!!

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or even better

by robo_dev In reply to Re-direct Dir command out ...

at command prompt:


If, instead, you are writing to a file:

A single > replaces the file, and a double >> appends to it.

So you can do a list.txt by:

dir >> c:\list.txt

Then browse around and do more of the same, until you have your ten-thousand-line-long text file.

Then do:

Copy list.txt LPT1:

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Like this

by TobiF In reply to How do I print a list of ...

1. Open a command window
2. Navigate to your home directory
<i>cd %homepath%</i>
3. Navigate to your documents folder (assuming not Win&amp
<i>cd "my documents"</i>
4. Enter a command that will list all files in current directory and subdirectories and store it into a file named dirlist.txt
<i>dir /ognd /d > dirlist.txt</i>
/ognd gives you a decent sort order
/s includes all subdirectories

By the way, If you care about email and some other stuff, you may want to have a look at "Appdata" (that's in Vista and Win7, don't remember the corresponding name in XP...)

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