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How do you rate your job security in the current economic climate???

By sleepin'dawg ·
The auto industry tanking and asking for bailouts. Banks going under. Tech companies like Nortel filing for Chapter 11. The housing industry is in a shambles as well as the mortgage industry. The dreaded "D" word is being mentioned. Unemployment is on the rise. 2.5 million permanent jobs have been lost with many more expected before the end of June. Unemployment ran at 20% during the depression and some current projections are saying we might hit as high as 25 - 30% before the year end. Will your job be one of those lost, for good???

So the questions are: How safe do you feel and what precautions are you taking??? What precautions are you not prepared to take??? How will you protect your assets from foreclosure and/or siezure???

Which approach do you prefer: The ostrich approach(head in the sand; it can't happen to me) or the whistling past the graveyard approach (the economy has me scared schitless but, I somehow hope I can survive)

Whichever way you're leaning, or not, now might be a good time to really give it some thought.

For what it's worth, I'm reasonably safe. Debt free, fully diversified and am considered suit proof by my lawyers (translation:you gotta be able to find it to sieze it)

Dawg ]:)

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No, in Orange County

by Dr Dij In reply to Dij, you in the Bay Area? ...

I sure love the bay area tho. I keep wanting to visit Mount Diablo and other large parks in the area. And Pinnacles on the way up.

Used to drive my vw camper up thru the redwood state parks. I tripped out as when you crossed from Watsonville to Santa Cruz, it changed from artichokes to pine trees in minutes, like I had crossed the actual dotted line delimiting N and S Cal. Then I tripped out as you'd drive 5 minutes out from Santa Cruz and go from surf to deep woods in a mile.

Stayed at Portola, Big Basin, Henry McDowell. I was pulling over at every pullout on the road thru Big Basin to look at the view, and the sun reflecting on the clouds from the sea.

At Portola I crossed the stream on a redwood log (something my wife wouldn'tlet me do now) and almost got lost on their nature trail as it looped back on itself and didn't point out the exit.

The first time I saw the redwoods, I was camping at McDowell, the campground is in oak scrub. took, my mountain bike on the trail over to the grove.

The bike dropped and I stood in awe at the trees! Some of the candelabra variant also where the branches go up at an angle

Same thing at golden gate park. incredible. parked by the CAS. Had to use the john so I paid entry to the Arthur Young museum. I spent the next 5 hours there!

Think they've rebuilt the CAS, saw a show, now have huge aquarium and plants on roof.

My wife has a job here, which pays for rent and a good chunk of the bills. We have no debt and a bit of savings so won't need to sleep in my van yet. Looks like extended UI will start next week.

Might or might not get a part time job at UPS. They may start calling people back in a week or so. I'm starting medical courses in two weeks in local jobs training prog. Might be able to do PC or Reporting type stuff for med co's after that. There are an amazing # of HQ for med companies nearby.

I'll check the link anyway. I've been trying to fill in my skills by looking at ads then taking skillsoft courses on acm. the IEEE computer society has actual microsoft created content also on some courses.

I'll either find a job or my head will explode note to self: must invent sub quantum molecular memory storage, something that grows on the human body. I'll callit HAIRSS - Heuristic sub-Atomic Intrinsic Residual Spin Storage, and it will GROW ON YOU :) (groan)

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Dij drop me a private message....

by jmgarvin In reply to No, in Orange County

There may be a couple options if you are willing....

You can also email me at gmail with my TR name.

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Job security is a myth

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to How do you rate your job ...

My current employer is doing OK in the current economy, we do software for accountants. People need their accountants more now than they ever did.

My career is also secure. I cost a bit more than most, but I can do a lot more than most. During the dot com downturn, all that happened, was they got rid of the one trick ponies, and spread me out over the priority work load.

I can't do as good a job as four experts (given they are managed correctly). I can't do as much, I am however good enough, in an environment where businesses aren't going to be looking at big risk anyway.

It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

I'm not even slightly worried.

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which "job"?

by Jaqui In reply to How do you rate your job ...

my full time employment?
very secure, service industry company, dealing with "low income" people.

my own business?
well, I'm funding it from my employment income, and won't fire myself, so very secure.

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4 jobs.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to How do you rate your job ...

Security zilch.
Damn near debt free.
Know how to grow things.
Very near a source of potable (after boiling) water.
Know how to dig a hole.
Acorns are edible, and not too unappetizing when roasted.


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Aren't you just a ray of sunshine....

by jmgarvin In reply to 4 jobs.

If I get laid off, I plan on starting a company and going wild...might as well try again (the .com crash ate me alive).

****, it can't be any worse than job hunting, blech....

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I won't job hunt.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Aren't you just a ray of ...

I'll get to planning how to increase the yield of my garden. And how to ping squirrels and rabbits without breaking any hunting in the county limits laws.

edit - Ooh. And find a bigger wood cookstove.

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Providing you survive those acorns. Yeuch! :^0

by sleepin'dawg In reply to I won't job hunt.

I once had to try them out on a survival course. We boiled them to make some sort of ersatz coffee. I think that's about as close as I ever want to come to drinking ****; my own or anyone elses. The drink was referred to as "Moose ****" and I still think they weren't kidding and used a real moose.

Dawg ]:)

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They get nice and nutty and crunchy when grilled.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Providing you survive tho ...

Don't think I'd much enjoy acorn coffee though. Blech. If I was going to grind them to some kind of flour like consistency, I think I'd want to grill them first. Hmmm...

Note to self - dead summer next summer, hunt up some old acorns to taste.

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Acorns are pretty nasty....

by jmgarvin In reply to They get nice and nutty a ...

I'm not a big fan, they're bitter and have them.

With that being said, if you plan on growing a garden on the cheap make sure to plant potatoes and onions, you can make anything with those ;-)

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