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How do you think stores collecting personal data without informing customer

By aparkera12 ·
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Hi guys, I’m a system integrator. One of my daily tasks is to install cameras in different places including the retail stores to help them do loss prevention, and sometimes analyze shopper behaviors.

Normally, I would warn the store managers or brand managers to be careful with data collecting, because the privacy issue might lead to big troubles. I mean they supposed to let the shopper know the store will collect big data and it should be done before people enter their stores. But it seems like the stores only partially or didn't even tell shoppers that they are collecting data and put it into a database.

How would you react if you knew your personal data is collected without getting your approval? I'm not talking about your personal information, but more like big data: age, gender as a portion, etc.
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While the legal aspects vary with country.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to How do you think stores c ...

Most people surrender by choice a ton of data at checkout. What you can collect while in store pales in comparison.

-> Add that customer discount card and well, again that video collection is nothing in comparison.

Have you read much about China and it's citizen data collection systems?

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Re: personal data

by cindy19851111 In reply to How do you think stores c ...

Hi, I work for an integration company reselling Axis, Milestone and SkyREC for years. It’s not surprising that stores will use cameras to collect personal data, and no one will let their customers know this information. I think it’s no big deal to use big data to improve the shopping experience, if you tell people this, they may just feel scared about privacy issues since they don’t know how it works.

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Collecting personal data without informing customer

by pooja1625293655 In reply to How do you think stores c ...

Your personal data can be processed without your consent if that data is used for a genuine and legitimate reason otherwise its outweighed by the individual's rights and interests

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