How long does it take to install security cameras?

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Hi this might sound a little stupid but recently I've been working part time at a small store and my boss wants me to install fake cameras in our store because the full set of CCTV costs too much. According to the system integrator, we need to set up around 32 cameras to prevent theft. Though that’s a large number, I honestly don't think dummy cameras wouldn't help if something happens. So I'm considering pulling those cables and installing the cameras on my own. Has anyone here tried doing so and how long does it usually take?
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First, cameras DO NOT PREVENT THEFT.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to How long does it take to ...

Maybe you know this, maybe you don't but it has to be said.

As to install time, that varies depending on the run. Also if I don't have the right part the install for that run could be weeks as I wait for a part I didn't have on hand or consult with the owner about a difficult run.

But let's get you a range of hours per run. I've had runs done in a few minutes and ones that took all day.

-> About fake cameras. Always in the mix. Your newer security persons may have to be mentored on why they work and you will always get the usual "but they don't record" reply. The people under surveillance don't know that or if there is a COVERT camera they can't see.

While this sort of work is not something I actively seek I do pitch in for people I know that have easy to install locations or got a rip-off quote and I want them to find out just how cheap such setups can be.

-> Also, with newer WiFi and network cameras this can really help us ease the install. And yes, there are those that are challenged by this new systems but here it's all part of the game.

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Don't install fake cameras

by galabk928 In reply to How long does it take to ...

From my experience, 6 cameras takes about 2-3 hours if there isn't anything needed to be covered. Hope you're not seriously considering about fake cameras because it's a waste of time.

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