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I have recently changed my hotmail email address to outlook's. So instead of I have

I want to add alias to the account. I presume it works like Yahoo's which is disposable.

To date, I still have not worked out how to add one.

I went to the page which shows the following.

Create a new email address and add it as an alias

Your account can have up to 0 aliases, each of which lets you sign in to all the devices and services that use Microsoft account. Your aliases share a single password, and you can send and receive mail with each. Learn more about account aliases.

No matter what I did I still failed. The help didn't help either. It was very confusing to me. I wonder if anybody has done it successfully and doesn't mind to reword and tell me in plain language. By the way, was I on the right web page?

One of the main thing which I am not too sure is whether an alias would have the original email address be part of the address like Yahoo's or it could be completely different.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I don't think you will be able to create an alias to a Yahoo account...

maybe if that account is a "premium" account which you pay for, that also has POP3/SMTP service and not just "web based" as the free version is. I just ran through the preliminaries, didn't create an alias, and the choices on my account (which is still just a "hotmail" account) only listed the 3 primary Microsoft, and So, you might not be allowed to use an alias with another domain, especially if it is only web based.

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Well, I've just double checked.

by Healer In reply to I don't think you will be ...

And I do have aliases with one of the Yahoo accounts.

All the disposable addresses have a consistently unchanged basename.

All my Yahoo accounts are free accounts. If yours don't have such feature, it could be that you created the Yahoo account later than I did. I think Yahoo could have changed the policy later on.

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You should have not changed!!!???

by Mehul Bhai In reply to How to add alias to outlo ...

You should have not changed the e-mail ID. You can still continue using the Hotmail ID even though the E-mail Service has been changed to by Microsoft. I still use my old Hotmail ID even after converting the service to It is still working. Even Microsoft claims that way.
AND for trial just send a test mail from any ID you are having in any other service like, Yahoo, etc., to your old Hotmail ID, you may still receive in your new ID. Just you have to test it yourself.

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I think you have misunderstood my question.

by Healer In reply to You should have not chang ...

I thank you for your input anyway.

I understand they are all the same. After changing the email ID, I still can use it as the same live ID with the same password logging into Microsoft web sites. One important effect I got for the change was that the SPAM mail had completely stopped. I had been receiving rubbish so much I got sick of it and stopped using the account.

Before I really want to start using this account I want to create aliases for actual use so that I can kill off the email address without killiing off the account once I receive too much SPAM mail.

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