How to check out an SSD drive on a dead PC ?

By dianoban99 ·
My PC : Acer aspire T3-715

This PC is now dead. Three weeks ago, it stuck at "acer" logo three seconds after power on. Every device, USB ports & DVD drive, is dead.
Currently, it can only
1. power on by pressing start button,
2.light in front panel is on,
3. CPU fan, GPU fan, and PSU fan spin,
4. monitor is lit showing acer logo,
5. power off by pressing start buton.

Some say that the cause of the problem is the SSD, might be stuffed full or dead.

How to check out this SSD, please?

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by Kees_B Moderator In reply to How to check out an SSD d ...

I think it's more likely it's the motherboard then the SSD. If a well-functioning motherboard doesn't find a device to boot from, the BIOS displays an error message.

Anyway, to check the SSD, take it out, put it in an external enclosure and have a look at it on another PC.

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Reply to Kees_B Moderator

by dianoban99 In reply to Re: SSD

Thank you.

I am a common home user. Do not much about computer. And do not have tools for checking & repairing.

What can I do to find out whether the board is good or bad?

This is what I am able to do. I asked my friend this morning and she agreed to lend her SSD to me for testing. This is what I plan to do. Take her SSD out of her PC (her PC & mine are of the same brand & model and so also the SSD) and put in mine & start the PC.

My assumption :
1. If my PC boots into Windows, it proves that my SSD is bad or dead.
2.If my PC stays in the same stuck situation, it indicates that what causes my PC stuck is not the SSD.

Do you think the assumption is reasonable?


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Re: swapping SSD

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Reply to Kees_B Moderator

Should work. For safety, make an image backup of her SSD first.

A much safer option: try to boot from a bootable CD/DVD (like Linux or a Windows install disc, or some partition utility). For Linux, you can use a USB-stick also. To do that, you might have to go into the BIOS to set the CD/DVD/USB as first boot device.

Going into the BIOS doesn't need the SSD. You can even do it with the SSD disconnected. Then, if you can't get into the BIOS or can't boot from a bootable disc, or don't see an error message on the screen about not finding a bootable device, you know it wasn't the SSD.

Much safer for your friends SSD by diagnosing the issue without using it.

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Check thje fundas..

by rajesh_0047 In reply to How to check out an SSD d ...

Trying out another SSD is the 2nd step.
Disconnect the present SSD and switch on the PC. Even after a couple of minutes, if it does not display " No Boot Drive Found" or something similar, check your motherboard.

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