How to install a GeForce 8400 dual monitor video card in a W3502 emachine

By jamesiw ·
I have been trying to install a GeForce 8400 video card in my W3502 emachine but have not had any luck. I have asked several of the Gateway support techs but all I was able to get was that they do not recommend replacing anything other than original components!! I just want to run dual monitors for spreadsheets not gaming. When I install the card the machine will not boot up as it normally does, the fans seem to be running at full speed and there is no video on either mointor. I also asked the techs aty Gateway about upgrading the BIOS (the download is on their site) but again no real answer. Will I have to buy another CPU to run dual monitors or is there a work around for this machine. It has an available PCI express slot; I thought it would be simple but I'm beginning to think otherwise.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


P.S. I have a Dell GX240 & GX260 could one of these be upgraded to run dual moniters.


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Well lets start at the beginning.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How to install a GeForce ...

Upgrading the BIOS is only required if you have a new piece of hardware like a CPU that the current BIOS doesn't support. For normal use particularly if you are not changing basic hardware configuration this shouldn't be required.

Will you have to change the CPU to run Dual Monitors? No you will not as this is handled by the GPU Graphic Processing Unit that is on the Video Card.

As the system is not booting up when you have the Video Card fitted you have a Conflict between the Chip on the M'Board and the Chip Set on the Video Card, You can try a Video card from a different maker and this may work or you can use a different Video Chip Set Makers Card. As Geforce is from NVidia you can either use a different NVidia video Chip Set from the same maker or a different video card makers card with the same chip set to get something to work.

Generally but not always these conflicts occur because you are not using a Intel Chip Set M'Board and the M'Boards chip set just isn't compatible.

There are two main Video Chip Set makers NVidia and ATI so you could try either a different NVidia Chip Set or a ATI Chip Set Card and see if that works.

The other possible problem with E- Machines computers is that they have at best marginal Power Supplies and if the Video Card like quite a few of the newer ones requires lots of power you may also need to replace the Power Supply with something with more capacity. Also if this Video Card has any Plug in Power Connectors did you plug in a Power Lead from the Power Supply when you fitted this card? If you didn't this could also be the reason why there is no Video as the Video Card can not get anywhere near enough power from the M'Board to run it. If that is the case you need to plug in the power lead as the Video card can damage the copper tracks on the M'Board attempting to draw sufficient power.

As most of the modern Video Cards have Dual Outlets any Dual Head Video Card should work here but it may involve a bit of ginning around with different ship sets or makers to get one that works in this particular installation.


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