i have a intel inside centrino mobile technlogy processor

By rahul etron ·
and i have problem to install different programs i expanded my ram from 508mb to 0.99gb.please give necessary decisions so that i can make my laptop more fast worth?

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I so love

by santeewelding In reply to i have a intel inside cen ...

Non-native speakers of English -- "give necessary decisions".

Whether you know it or not, that will get some people here hustling. It will get some translating and doing their best. It will get some kissing you off.

I'm all three and marveling.

Like I said: "I so love".

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Not sure that I really understand your question

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to i have a intel inside cen ...

You want a faster computer and have upgraded the RAM from 508 to 990 MEG which are strange sizes but as I'm assuming that some of the installed RAM is being used for Video Generation you probably had 512 and it's now 1024 MEG.

The cheapest fastest way to improve performance in any computer is to increase the RAM to as much as the system will carry. So here if this system will only carry 2 x 512 RAM Modules you have as much as it can carry and it is as fast as it's going to be.

The only other thing you can do here is to increase the Speed of the CPU if that is possible but even then it will not produce as marked improvement as increasing the RAM did. Then depending on the system itself this may not even be possible as some of the NB's use Soldered in Place CPU's which are not replaceable.

Now provided that the Hardware is Maxed out with as much RAM and the fastest CPU your only other alternative is to change the OS to something with a Smaller Foot Print and lower System Resources to make the system appear to function faster. It will not be any faster actually by because the OS has lower resource requirements it will do what you want it to faster.

So you would have to list the Hardware itself and what OS you are using and what you want to do so we could try to help you find a solution here.


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