I need files generated by another server to enter a path in Ubuntu Linux

By Seyitech ·
Tags: Linux
I have an Ubuntu Desktop(not server). I have already created a path in the Ubuntu desktop, where I want files generated by another server to be pushed.
I have tried to create an SFTPV to serve as a FTP server in the Ubuntu Desktop. But trying to use an FTP client to login to the Ubuntu Desktop is not successful.
Kindly help out
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It appears you didn't setup the FTP server yet.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to I need files generated by ...

Since this is Ubuntu and it does NOT matter if it's the desktop version or server, I'd head to the Ubuntu forums since your use of documents has failed you.

I won't be writing how to setup the FTP because, too many steps as evidenced at but I do want to note the to enable uploads is yet more steps.

If you can't use the documentation, try

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