Ideal pricing in hardware for business server (15-30 people)

By bakester17 ·
I have been tasked with helping set up a work environment with a server and various other features. I'm not sure since I'm newer to this than them if I'm crazy for thinking the pricing/budget seems off, am I?

The place employs a decent number of people, but there's around 21 or so specific work stations that they wanted to have access to a storage server. It's basically being used exclusively for passing around office type files for now, but I know in the future they want more stuff to be implemented.
I was thinking something like a Synology NAS setup because it seems convenient and effective, but he was saying that the pricing seemed high. This was for one of the ones in the $500 range, and asked about setting up a server on linux.

Now, I'm all for that, but if you're going to have 20 people tossing files around consistently, wouldn't you need a beefier machine price wise? I'd understand if the goal was long term growth, because I can see a server being better as you grow but price wise?

Am I in the wrong, can someone explain?

Thank you very much
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For me and at the last company.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Ideal pricing in hardware ...

The (competent) IT staff setup some box running Linux. The machine was not what I'd call beefy. The network was all gigabit and 5GHz WiFi and was not what I'd call expensive.

Later the server had all it's HDDs swapped out for SSD.

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by BOB.B In reply to Ideal pricing in hardware ...

I wonder if you can build a server for 500 bucks.

Price one out and hand it to management.

Maybe the nas will start to look better.

Here's another nas to look at.

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