If there is anyone watching me via the webcam?

By rbgates8 ·
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Hello everyone,
The country I stay for college education is still in quarantine, so I have to use laptop for class.
But every time when I'm looking at my computer's webcam, I can't help but wonder if there is anyone watching me.

Is it hard to hack into a laptop's web camera? Or is there any method I can prevent this from happening?
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The simple answer

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to If there is anyone watchi ...

It is possible for someone to hack in and control your webcam, this is well known. To ensure you don't get spied on, place a piece of electrical tape over the camera on the computer, don't download any files that you don't know the source of and are trusted.

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No need to worry about it

by cindy19851111 In reply to If there is anyone watchi ...

If you don't visit unusual websites, usually you need to worry about it.

However, since you're connected with the internet, you still need to pay attention about similar privacy issues.

From my experience, my job is doing cctv installing like Axis cameras + skyrec vms, and for systems like this they don't need to worry about internet attacks since they're basically using local internet network.

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