I'm having startup issues in XP?

By saurabh_2507 ·
How can I fully analyze my XP Startup? I want to know full details about what all is happening during my startup & finally I want to remove the unnecessary stuff that is slowing up my startup & further functioning of my Laptop. I already know to manage startup programs through msconfig. I believe some hidden stuff is there. It says - Windows cannot find & gives many boxes as the name of program. Same boxes it is not finding in registry. This pops up 2-3 times & I do ok, ok, ok & my computer finally boots up.

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Virus Scan - Malware Scan - Rootkit scan

by oldbaritone In reply to I'm having startup issues ...

If you haven't run recently-updated scans of all these, do it.

Second, run a registry integrity check. There are many free ones available; personally I use ccleaner -

It sounds like you're trying to fix the boot speed of your computer, and maybe your overall system speed. Viruses, malware, rootkits, and registry inconsistencies are the first place to look to fix these symptoms.

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by willcomp In reply to I'm having startup issues ...

I agree with OldBaritone that you should start by checking for malware.

For a comprehensive list of startup items, use autoruns:

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