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In need of direction, education, career advice, etc.

By hillbillytech ·
I have tried multiple times to learn to code but can't seem to force myself to remain still long enough to complete a project. That may be due to my prior work experience(10+ yrs of high volume kitchen work, and 6 years working as a coordinator for a Information Management company.)
I've always had a fascination with tech, old/new, repairing or rebuilding for my friends and family, and even acting as tier one support for my co-workers.

Any advice for a fidgety nerd is greatly appreciated.
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Give time

by ankitsingh213506 In reply to In need of direction, edu ...

Give time to your passion and start with that. Remember, there is no age set that you can't learn anything from here.

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Digital Marketing

by rajatrajput2816 In reply to In need of direction, edu ...

You can learn about digital marketing. In this domain, it not necessary to have a good knowledge of coding but also if you feel excited about the technologies then it would be an add up to your skills. Digital marketing is on a boom today, and every small, as well as a large business, need to have an online presence to create brand awareness and ultimately to generate more and more leads.

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by dcosgrove In reply to In need of direction, edu ...

I have a programmer that has a treadmill desk. It's healthy, a good way to not sit too long. It may assist in the fidgeting

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Do what you do best

by ningle1 In reply to In need of direction, edu ...

I had the same situation and I think it is important to separate what would like to try and what you really like to do. If you feel like working with tech, do it. No need to force yourself to do something you do not feel.

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Confused..... need suggestions

by edwardmaxem In reply to Do what you do best

I'm working as a digital marketer and passionate about to learn Data Analytics. I enrolled in the course of AI where I studied basic introduction of AI and Data Analysis (with practicing of Numpy and Pandas library), now I can't manage my time to continue this course, give some suggestion should I continue ?? Is this worthful in my current profession? bit confused.............

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It advice

by talhaaxhar34 In reply to In need of direction, edu ...

Seriously in IT there are so many fields that you can easily find something you like you find yourself passionate about so find it and then do the hard work don't try to learn everything you are human being not machine you can't learn everything and specially if you want to be an expert so focus on one thing you can learn about.
Thanks have a nice day.

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