Installing my M.2 NVMe SSD sends me to BIOS

By Loftydrum ·
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I recently bought a Western Digital 1TB NVMe SSD to add to my computer. Not sure what all is needed to know about ny pc, but it has a msi z170A motherboard, GTX970 graphics card, and an Intel I5 cpu. I have everything installed on my current HHD and just wanna use the SSD for games. I have not added anything to the SSD, straight outta the box and onto my motherboard. However, I turned off my computer, plugged in my SSD, and turned it on, my computer goes straight to BIOS and wont boot properly. According to my bios my Hard disk drive is #1 on boot priority. If I uninstall my SSD, my computer runs fine. Can anyone help me fix this issue?
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When you say installed, plugged in...

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to Installing my M.2 NVMe SS ...

how exactly are you plugging in and installing the new SSD? It may be you need to actually set the new SSD parameters in the BIOS if you are connecting to a HD cable connected to the drive controller on the motherboard. This is actually pretty normal when adding another HD to the system, you have to tell BIOS some info about the drive, such as the number of cylinders, blocks, capacity etc. Then save the new BIOS information and reboot.

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RE: When you say installed, plugged in....

by Loftydrum In reply to When you say installed, p ...

My motherboard has a slot for M.2's right in-between my cpu and my graphics card. I just slid it into it's slot. no cables or anything. Don't know if I still need to mess with my BIOS if that's the case.

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I've seen that.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Installing my M.2 NVMe SS ...

We ended up cloning the OS to the M.2 drive. As there is much on the web about that I won't duplicate it here.

Also, once in a while this required a BIOS update. I know many folk fear such updates. Get it done by a shop if you can't do it yourself.

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Trying to avoid that

by Loftydrum In reply to I've seen that.

I really am trying to just use the SSD for games and other software. I have a windows 10 installation stick and am willing to wipe my HD and reinstall windows onto my SSD, but want to avoid doing that if I can just use my HD for windows.

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Given the BIOS is up to date.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Trying to avoid that

And the BIOS insists then you don't want M.2. You need a normal SATA SSD.

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