Internet access without DNS server or DC?

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Apologies if this is posted in the wrong forum, and if it is vague as certain aspects are new to me, so please talk as though I know nothing.
My employer wants us to stop logging onto the domain and to (maybe) lose the DC and AD and log on as standalone clients using our Microsft/O365 accounts and maybe have everybody work wirelessly, logging onto our already established wireless networks.
A few selected colleagues will still have access to network shares on our server(s)
Some colleagues work in the office and some now mainly work from home.
Going forward, for the office based users who mostly work with a browser/cloud hosted apps, ERP, etc do we need a separate DNS server, and anything else for that matter?
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Re: Internet access without DNS server or DC

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Internet access without D ...

You access internet at home without having a DNS server or a domain controller. Unless there's a lot you don't tell, there is no reason why you need those at the office for that.

The current network manager (that manages the DNS and DC and AD and whatever) should be able to help you with the transition. Suggest your employer to ask him.

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