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iPhone XS: A cheat sheet for the pros

By tcavadias Staff ·
Tags: Apple, Mobility
Apple is slated to release its latest flagship iPhone at an event in September.

The device is expected to come in two form factors—one with a 5.8-inch screen, and another with a 6.5-inch screen—both utilizing OLED display technology, according to 9to5Mac.

According to Bloomberg, all models will have an edge-to-edge display, enhanced augmented reality (AR) capabilities, and an A12 processor. They'll also be available in a new gold colorway, 9to5Mac reported.

Discover the most important details and features that professionals need to know by reading the Full Article: iPhone XS: A cheat sheet for professionals

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by tedbaker1 In reply to iPhone XS: A cheat sheet ...

It's better to watch new models in the apple conference in a few days.
Some new will be released.

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by bertodal In reply to iPhone XS: A cheat sheet ...

Maybe Americans can afford themselves to buy a new iPhone, but in other countries the prices are so high that I can buy a good laptop for the same money! Or change 2 iPhones for a medium car. Is it worth it?

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by sohail9845 In reply to Price

I totally agree with your comment , i live in India where apple products are so high priced that we can easily buy a medium size good condition car in exchange of 2 iphone X's.

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Not Worth

by help1563898615 In reply to Price

I believe the Apple devices screen sizes and prices are going parallel i.e getting bigger/higher with each new release. And I don't find it worth at all.

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by thetravellerfreebird In reply to Price

Lol ...I totally agree with it.

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Plus XS Max and XR

by kylestinson9009 In reply to iPhone XS: A cheat sheet ...

XS Max is 6.5!! That's so big. And I'm not sure about the XR but it seems to have the latest apple features too.

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new iPhone

by mariannagornaya In reply to iPhone XS: A cheat sheet ...

I'm looking forward to it!!!

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iPhone more like no phone

by jamesmehraa In reply to iPhone XS: A cheat sheet ...

I have never been a big fan of iPhones as they are expensive and overhyped for absolutely no reason. Maybe for people living in the US spending 1000 bucks on a smartphone will not be a big deal but here in India iPhones are around 125000 bucks. If I travel to Japan buy an iPhone and return back to India I would still save some bucks.

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by bertodal In reply to iPhone more like no phone

Where did you get such a big number?

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by jensdeferme12 In reply to iPhone more like no phone

Can you explain this?

Jens Deferme

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