Is edge camera worth buying?

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Hi guys, what I do is to buy security products from big companies and sell them to get margin.

However recently because of covid19, we have fewer customers.But the suppliers hope we can buy some more equipments for stocking.

And they're talking about the AI edge cameras, they said it's the trend. It doesn't need a NVR or server to run CCTV system.
However the price is higher, which I think is not attractive to my customers.

Does anyone also sell edge cameras successfully recently? It is worth buying?
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Re: camera

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Is edge camera worth buyi ...

Don't sell things you're not convinced of yourself to your customers only to make more money. That's a bad way of running a business.

Moreover, it's not only hardware that matters. The services offered are more important. Only you, as a security expert, know what your customers need and what the best way is to provide it.

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I think you answered the topic question.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Is edge camera worth buyi ...

I did look at the DCS-8302LH, includes a motorized panning feature that can provide a 360-degree view of any room and automatically track a subject’s motion. It's 100USD from what I can tell and you seem to get so much for that price.

HOWEVER if you don't need all that, no-sale there.

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Ask expert

by cindy19851111 In reply to Is edge camera worth buyi ...

You shouldn't buy or sell it before you know about the merchandise. You should ask experts or integrators to give you advice

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I have no idea...

by amychen19850312 In reply to Ask expert

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