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Is Win7 upgrade from Win XP viable

By spiralingcrazies ·
Tags: Windows, Software
Can't stand Win8 with a passion. XP is being phased out and I am left with a small office that has to upgrade, so is Win7 still viable?
Anyone know the lenght of support left for it?
Which flavor? Win32 will work for sure on the older machines that are switching from XP but don't want to commit purchasing the software if it is not a good option.

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Tested one machine - Win7 64bit is fine

by spiralingcrazies In reply to Is Win7 upgrade from Win ...

There are Vista drivers released for the machines and I did a blind install test on clean HD on one of the units and it took Win 7 64bit without a hitch, all drivers recognized straight up from the get go, didn't have to add anything to the OS, so that part looks like it will work without a problem. The machines currently have 1gb ram which runs sluggish but could go up to 4gb so that'll be fine.

Printers are fine - most everything works (few small quirks) as already tested with another Win 7 machine.

I guess in this instance the big question is whether it is better to do 32bit or 64bit install and how long will Win7 be supported for as I wouldn't in my right mind want to go to Win8.

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Well because of the limits of the hardware

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Tested one machine - Win7 ...

I would probably go for 32 Bit OS's though this all depends on where you are in your Tax Cycle and how much longer you expect to have this hardware in use. The real problem here is the Hardware being limited to 4 GIG of RAM which is more than enough for any 32 Bit System simply because there isn't a 32 Bit OS that can address any more and quite often because of the limits of the Hardware involved a lot less. Mostly it's somewhere around 3.25 GIG but that depends on the Chip Set of the M'Board and so on. Things can get very technical and confusing from this point on.

I normally suggest to my customers that they go with a 64 Bit OS but that is always on New Hardware which can carry more than 4 GIG of RAM. As you are moving to a different OS with the 4 GIG Limit on your existing Hardware I personally would stick with 32 Bit OS's as you are not going to seriously be exceeding their capabilities and you at the moment are more likely to not have any issues with Software. There is some software that works perfectly on 32 Bit OS's that gets really quirky on 64 Bit OS's.


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I'm not certain but I think the same windows key works for both 32 and 64

by Slayer_ In reply to Is Win7 upgrade from Win ...

So if you try one and have trouble, you can switch to the other.

As for support, win 7 has many years left.

As for upgrading old hardware to a newer OS. I'd do a few test runs first. I found on my old system, that the old CPU's were just way too slow for Windows 7.
Windows 7 is a real dog compared to XP, it takes a **** of a lot more CPU power. Around 2008 and older seems to be about the cut off for hardware that is just too slow for Windows 7/vista for a good experience.

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by MichaelBGeek In reply to Is Win7 upgrade from Win ...

Windows 7 is a most stable of Windows versions I used. It is supported for now, and most times it works correctly and effectively. (I switched to Mac for some reasons, and is unsatisfied by Windows completely, but it is a matter of personal taste, obviously.)

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Windows 7 Support

by TheChas In reply to Is Win7 upgrade from Win ...

According to the Microsoft Lifecycle Page, Windows 7 mainstream support ends 1/13/2015.

Extended support ends 1/14/2020.

Thus, we have 6 years of life left for Windows 7 systems.


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Win 7 is quite active

by joeinwap In reply to Is Win7 upgrade from Win ...

Go with Windows 7 (64-bit) if your hardware supports it, otherwise Windows 7 (32-bit).
A large number of people cannot stand Windows 8 and are running Windows 7 instead.

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Gotta hate Win8 without a touch screen

by chdchan In reply to Is Win7 upgrade from Win ...

It is a joke with conventional hardware on Win8.

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Win7 Is Bearable Following From XP

by gorman.mi In reply to Is Win7 upgrade from Win ...

I understand your position. I was a big fan of XP, claims that it is 'old' and the strange argument Microsoft panels put forth talking about what social and technical things were current when XP was first launched-as if to say "XP is now a dinosaur" neglects the fact that XP developed, and grew with time, updates made it usable through time, it did not stand still! Windows 7 is no match for the sheer usability of XP, the ease with which XP accommodates devices is not matched. But windows 7 has some features that make it a rational choice-it is usable out of the box by XP users with minimal learning curves, it is not a whole lot different to the user. New multi-media displays well, and it is quite fault tolerant. Dammit, it probably is more fault tolerant than XP. Win32 works fine, but for 'Super users' the 64 bit option is preferred with the open ceiling for RAM, using high need software platforms (CAD, Video Editing, Sound Editing e.t.c). I think Win7 should be around for a while, so I would go for it and move to Win7.

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