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Job Descriptions & Titles

By gap ·
Our company like many, have a new IT department.

We would like to start out with a correct structure for job titles & job descriptions, but have found it difficult.

In some companies it is IT [Information Technology] and in others it is IS [Information Systems]

My current title is
Director of Information Technology
We also have other employees with no current titles.
They specialize in maintaining specific software applications along with an on staff programmer.

Do you know where we can get a list of Job Titles & Job Descriptions for our IT or IS department ?

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System vs Technology:

by donq In reply to Job Descriptions & Titles

I always interpreted MCSD an hardware (or system) experts, and MCSE (or software) as data modeling / programming experts. When I see IT department head, or IT manager I generally consider that individual as the company's final word for it's electronic communications stuff (both hardware and software)? In reality it's whatever turns you (or your boss) on!

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IT skills definition

by bygi? In reply to Job Descriptions & Titles

I give you my best wishes for your new IT department.
IT Skills definition is a tough task, expecially in this period of IT market dynamic changes.
For your reference I can suggest the site: where you can be able to give a look at the effort of the European Community and seven major ICT companies in Europe (IBM Europe, Nokia Telecommunications, Philips Semiconductors, Thomson CSF, Siemens AG, Microsoft Europe, British Telecommunications Plc) have embarked on a pilot project to explore new ways of addressing the skills shortage.
Reading discussion on Skill shortage it seems the problem is present only in US and Europe is not facing it. Wrong. The IT Skill Gap is a World Wide problem one of the various effect of Globalization dynamics.
I give you another time my best wish to your organization and as a suggestion: Hurry up, your IT concorrent employer is ready to steal your IT human resourses. Retain them as the "good father" take care about his children!

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A rose by any other name....

by JPG In reply to Job Descriptions & Titles

I have been in IS/IT for 7 years and I have been a "specialist" of just about any vague subject area you can name. The important thing in creating a title schema is that you remain consistent so that the "who do I go to when..." path is clear to everyone. You'll find most IS/IT professionals don't find titles as important as salary as long as you don't take their last job title and throw a Jr. in front of it. Best of Luck!

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Re: Job Descriptions & Titles

by bonj In reply to Job Descriptions & Titles

I know that NOREX has a lot of IT Job Descriptions. I am not sure what it cost to become a member thought. You can look at the titles for free, but have to subscribe to get the descriptions. Norex is basically a repository of information shared by it's members. Not sure if this helps out or not, but thought I would share it.

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Ask your employees

by NetTek In reply to Job Descriptions & Titles

Your employees must have an idea of what their job responsibilities will be. Ask them what they think their titles should be. For example, some people think "Network Administrator", especially "Jr." is a low-level title. Maybe they would prefer "Computer Network Specialist". Some would prefer "Chief Information Officer" over "Director of IT". If they tell you what they would like to be called, and it matches their responsibilities, then go with it. You may think that asking your employees whatthey would like their titles to be might make you or your department seem disorganized, but think about the fact that they already work for you and have no titles.

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Ask the institutions

by agamemnon In reply to Job Descriptions & Titles

Any number of professional bodies should be able to give you a suggested list of titles and descriptions so ask your people what institutions they are in/should be in(!) and get in touch.

Some additional pointers:
(1) IT is generally a support function, software development (including maintenance) is an Engineering discipline. PLEASE do not confuse the two. Do the "on staff programmers" work for you?
(2) If you are doing software engineering then employ/train people with Engineering qualifications and experience.
(3) Much confusion and misunderstanding is created by grandiose and inappropriate job titles. Use the words "Engineer" and "consultant" sparingly!

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by dzilm In reply to Job Descriptions & Titles

Basic question for thought

Do you NEED job titles to do the repective works?

Some places need a title in order to classify people. Usually the titles arent a direct and accurate reflection of their role anyway.

In one orginisation I had 4 titles in 3 years. All but one of those was really the same direct end responsibility.

A good staff member (except senior management, but not to belittle them) will earn their title amongst their peers in the long run.

Prior titles are good for the next (external) role you may be looking for ;-)

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