Kindly help with VPN related questions

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Hello Kind Peeple, need some kindness with a few questions and different scenarios:

1) been working from home, the corporate IT has installed McAfee End Point Security that blocks a few things. I am fine with it mostly. But want to know:
A) I noticed the Incognito mode of Google Chrome doesn't have that McAfee extension, so I am just going to use the incognito mode mostly.
B) if at home using my home wifi, I use a Chrome extension for my VPN (not for the entire laptop but just a chrome extension for the VPN for the browser only) would McAfee end point know or would my employer know? I am using my own internet and not using VPN on the entire laptop so I believe just using the Chrome Extension for VPN should be okay? Thoughts?

2) Now I am talking about my personal laptop. So nothing controlled or installed by work IT here. Totally my own machine and internet. So I want to use the same VPN Chrome extension here but also install another VPN on the laptop as in on the windows. Would that make it even safer for my browsing? As in if I am using that browser and through it the first VPN through Google Chrome extension and since that browser is installed on the laptop and then the laptop windows has second VPN installed and all internet or browser goes through it again, is that a safer and better way?

Or can you kindly suggest a better way for both the points.

please and thank you!
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VPN as I know them are not about safety.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Kindly help with VPN rela ...

Let's read which kicked that around.
"A VPN will not protect you from most things."

A VPN does what a VPN does. It won't stop the determined user from downloading a bad thing and installing it. I won't stop them from going to bad sites either.

All that aside, I use a VPN when I feel the need or on travel I'll go to the max and boot up TAILS.

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