Laptop decision, narrowed it down to 2

By ronmosbacher ·
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Good morning everyone, I am a Cloud Architect/Software Engineer. I mainly work in cloud environments like AWS and GCP with some light coding, Python and Javascript. I play games such as World of Warcraft and Assassins Creed. I understand that if I go with the Mac I can play wow fine but will struggle with other games that are not on the platform. Luckily I can play most of those on Xbox. I do like to stream video at high quality and my eyes are not the greatest. Here is what I have narrowed it down too. Almost same price, just trying to decide which would be better overall and last me the longest.

Let me just say my most recent laptop which died out of warranty and only lasted 1.5 years was an Alienware. I had been using them since they where there own company, I am disappointed in there current state.
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What is the criteria here?

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Laptop decision, narrowed ...

For example if it's graphic performance then has a clear win for the 3080 laptop.

If you need Apple for it's system such as you will be working on iOS apps then get that but then I've changed my mind about the new M1 Apple laptops.

"it still feels genuinely strange to have an ultrathin machine like the Air running complex 3D titles without breaking a sweat. "
- many web articles and

For me I've found that if I keep my displays to 1080p, the old (?) RTX 2060 mobile will do fine.

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by ronmosbacher In reply to What is the criteria here ...

I really want something I can use for work and play. I don't code IOS apps and I am not dependent on the Mac OS for anything at work. I am a fan of the OS from the standpoint that you can bring up a terminal and work from command line. So if I where to list criteria and I know these are generic

Able to use with web based cloud platforms like AWS and GCP
Able to use with various software engineering platforms
Able to play World of Warcraft at 60fps on high settings
Able to stream videos from providers in 4k if possible
A screen with good color and clarity since my eyes are going bad up close
I need at least a 16 inch screen, Im on an old 15 now and struggling

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On Window 10 a lot here.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Criteria

And I can bring up a command window (cmd.exe mostly) and there's very little we can't do with a command.

As to the screen I am now 65 and hear you there. I went with 17 inch laptops long ago but now I plug in an external monitor. It's the Sceptre U27 which I set to 1080p because I can't see any difference from 1080p to UHD 4K on this small a display. 4K on a 17 inch display? Why?

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PS. About WoW.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to On Window 10 a lot here.

I can't imagine WoW getting less than 100 FPS on some RTX 3080 even if mobile.

But according to maybe, just maybe 1% of gamers try to run it at UHD 4K. In other words, don't do that.

Since the GTX 1070 desktop seems to turn in 100, let's compare that to the RTX 3080 Mobile.

Seems it's more than enough.

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by ronmosbacher In reply to On Window 10 a lot here.

I am more of a Linux guy myself so on Windows boxes I always have to use Putty to SSH to a host. I know with Mac OS Terminal can do the same thing. I wasn't aware you could SSH to hosts via command prompt on a Windows box.

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Yes to ssh via command line on Windows.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to cmd

My memory is this is something I've done since Windows 7 and maybe before that but as that's over a decade ago I can't recall those days with Putty. But absolutely today can ssh on the command line (after we install the apps.)

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