List "Inherited From" using VBScript

By taylorsc ·
I'm using xcacls to list the ntfs permissions of a folder structure. The problem comes in to determining where in the structure the inheritance has been broken for particular folder(s).
I don't want to set any permissions, just view what is existing.
From the GUI I can view the Inherited From field (Properties/Security tab/Advanced button/permissions tab) that will produce a path but going through all of the folders individually would be a nuisance.
Xcacls list inheritance but does not do a good job of showing the source of the inheritance. The only thing that is listed is "This Folder, Subfolders, and Files" or "This Folder and Subfolders". Instead I would like to see something like c:\somefolder\folder1\folder2 Inherited From c:\somefolder\folder1.
Any ideas? I'm sure there is some attribute that can be used but can't seem to find anything about it.

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