Manual for cannon model IR3100

By srikant8 ·
Can anyone tell me where can i get manual for cannon photocopier *** scanner model IR3100.

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Depends whether you want it for free or not ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Manual for cannon model I ...
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Here's a brochure site ...

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You have the wrong Model Number as far as I can see

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Manual for cannon model I ...

The Image Runners that I support are all called IR C3100 the IR Indicating that they are from the Image Runner Series and the C denotes that they are a Copier then the 3100 denotes the model Type.

As far as I know Canon no longer has any On Line Publications for this Model as it was discontinued a few years ago though as back then Canon supplied the Copier Engines for HP you may try HP for a HP Service Manual for this Model whatever the HP Model Designation was back then.

HP will also have Owners Manuals available but you really should contact Canon in your Country for the correct Manual that you require.

However if you are only searching for Vista Drivers, this Model was never supplied with Vista Drivers and I do not know of any compatible Vista Drivers for it. As far as I know Canon Do Not list this unit as Vista Compatible and my sources would know if there where any Vista Drivers suitable for it. They wouldn't just follow the Company Recommendations but give me a list of possible drivers that work in a limited fashion.

Also as this model came with several different Manuals you should specify which one it is that you are after. If I remember correctly it came with 5 Manuals that covered the different operations and 6 Driver Disc's depending on which options you purchased. Network Scanning was an Optional Extra for example so that Driver & Software came as a extra.

However if you are just after a New Operators Manual this is what you require

Just make sure to save a copy to your HDD because it may not be here next time you look.


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