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Microsoft Surface Studio vs. MacBook Pro 2016: Which is more innovative?

By jasonhiner Moderator ·
Tags: Windows, Mac, Hardware
Personal computers got a burst of new energy in 2016 with the Microsoft Surface Studio all-in-one and the MacBook Pro 2016 laptop. These machines bring new features that are trying to rethink how you interact with your work machine. The Surface Studio can fold down into drafting mode and offers the Studio Dial to access tools and settings more quickly. The MacBook Pro integrates the Touch Bar, a customizable function key/hotkey OLED panel at the top of the keyboard—adaptable based on the software you're running. Which one is a better idea for enhancing productivity, and why?

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It's probably going to be determined by what you do...

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to Microsoft Surface Studio ...

Rather than any super-duper features offered by these two fine devices. As for myself, my needs are pretty simple, so neither of the two are on my wish list. Fans of both platforms will argue til the cows come home that "their company's" device is the more innovative. My opinion (yes, I have one, and so far still entitled to it, hehe) the Microsoft Surface Studio represents a much larger swing at the ball, whereas the new Macbook Pro is taking smaller incremental steps. Sometimes I do wonder why Apple is so dead set against adding a true touch screen to their laptops??? Uh I'll get slammed for ignoring "studies" showing Macbook Pro users don't want a touch screen...wish those folks would tell the youngsters around me to keep their fingers off the screen, this is not their tablet. ;-)
edited to add:
ps...I don't have a Macbook Pro, still using my old Acer Aspire One ZG5 netbook, and an old Compaq Presario notebook, but the grandkids still think they can touch the screen to interact. My son-in-law has a Macbook Pro, not sure what year (2012 I think) but I don't know if he is looking for a new laptop.

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Personally not much difference between them

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to It's probably going to be ...

Other than the Microsoft Offering has a newer ChipSet M'Board which can carry much more RAM 32 GIG compared to the Apples 6 GIG. but both can use the latest i7 Intel CPU.

The rest is just design of the case and screen and to be perfectly honest neither is a very big NB both are if anything undersize and neither are suitable for serious work related needs unless of course you need to move around the countryside with a computer and do sales. If that's the case both are about the same weight to within 30 grams both are more or less the same screen size and it all boils down to what software the company uses

If your business relies on Windows Software then the Surface is what you need and if your company relies on Apple Software then you need the MacBook as simple as that..

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Umm, HAL, I think you are confused...

The Macbook Pro can be ordered with 16 GB RAM,
and the Surface Studio is a HUGE (in comparison) "all in one" type device with I think a 28 in screen that is touch enabled. It can be set at various angles, even folded almost flat to work on similar to say an old school drafting table.
I could be wrong and it wouldn't be the first time, but I think you had in mind the Surface Book or maybe the Surface Pro. In those 2, you would be correct for the most part.

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They serve different markets

by david.paige In reply to Microsoft Surface Studio ...

Try taking the Surface Studio to your next conference and see which is more innovative.

They serve different markets. The MacBook Pro also takes a much smaller bite out of your wallet. I've seen articles that say the new MacBook Pro's are flying off the shelves. I haven't seen any sales figures for the Surface Studio.

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by natalklover In reply to They serve different mark ...

Like it!

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VAIO Canvas Z

by alainbastien In reply to Microsoft Surface Studio ...
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The MacBook Pro is more innovative

by Vulpinemac In reply to Microsoft Surface Studio ...

Microsoft's Surface Studio is ten-year-old technology using an adaptation of an Apple-patented base design to drop to its drawing-table angle. Even the wheel is an adaptation of a ten-plus-year-old device used for audio/video editing on Macs. Add to this the typical problematical issues of Windows that build up over time and it's essentially 'more of the same' for Microsoft.

The touch bar on the MacBook Pro offers completely re-programmable functions both analog and digital in almost any application.

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Old tech?

by houziwang68 In reply to The MacBook Pro is more i ...

Not sure how you can say any Surface is 10 year old tech...and not really sure what "wheel" you are referring to. I have a Surface and never noticed any of those things. I have not seen anything Apple has to offer that even comes close to any of the Surfaces. Try taking the keyboard off of an Apple...or writing with a stylus on the screen for those artsy people...nope, not happening. If you say it copies Apple, why have I not seen any Apple devices that can do what the Surface can do? I have been working with computers since the Commodore 64, and the TRS 80...and everything in between.

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Neither one is particularly innovative

by CFWhitman In reply to Microsoft Surface Studio ...

Since both of these things have been done before, neither one is particularly innovative. As to which is more useful, that probably depends on what you're doing. The two are not very comparable at all.

Personally, the Macbook's new keyboard feature doesn't do much for me. I think I'd rather keep the function keys most of the time. That's not to say that there is no use for it. It's just kind of a 'meh' feature -- not exciting at all. There have been various desktop keyboards that had variations of this feature. There is even one keyboard that has a tiny color screen built into each of its mechanically operated keys, so what it says on each key can change on the fly, but it still has tactile feedback (it is quite expensive as I recall though).

The Surface Studio on the other hand could be very useful if you are using the screen to draw. If you are using the stylus on the screen, it should be very nice. If you're not, then it's probably not going to do much for you. The touch feature on its own for a desktop doesn't seem to be of much particular benefit. Of course, I'd still rather pay much less and use one of the competitors. Even the Wacom Cintiq products are much cheaper, and there are some Asian produced alternatives that are cheaper yet. Of course, the Surface Studio has the highest available resolution by a significant margin, but I still don't see it being worth the premium attached to the machine at the moment.

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Dinosaur vs A Super Intelligent Human Species

by onroda In reply to Microsoft Surface Studio ...

It's like comparing a dinosaur (MacBook Pro) against a Super Intelligent Human Being (Surface Studio).

MacBooks are "same old, same old", versus a very modern technological wonder.

MacBooks are the same as they were 10 years ago, but with faster chips inside...

Whereas the Surface Studio is an entirely new species, with all of the bells and whistles that any creative person could want.

IOW, not even close.

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