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Monitor acting up!

By Norehca ·
First off ill tell you that ive recently added a new monitor. I now have two monitors side by side. There both VGA using VGA > DVI converters. I have several things surrounding the monitor that i think might have something to do with it, but not sure. I have a TV tuner right next tot he monitor,, modem, router, and Sub Woofer about a foot away from the left monitor. There both regular monitors. Flat screen, but the big kind. One is a viewsonic A75f, and one is a Professional Series PF790. The A75 is a size smaller i believe. Anyways, im getting like faint lines on the screen. There all equeally apart from one another, and quite thick, they show up very often. SOmetimes they dissapear for a bit. And i also get this scan line thing that comes down from the top and slowly comes down. Ive had it for a while, but its a great monitor, it can go up to 1600x1200 @ 75hz. Its big too, like 20". Are the lines etc. im seeing normal, the video card? he monitor? is it just from old age or what? Any help on this, much thanks to all!

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Normal situation

by mjd420nova In reply to Monitor acting up!

Having two monitors that close to each other is going to really give you headaches. The magnetic fields will interact with each other and really create some crazy displays. Some shielding in between the two might help, but not eliminate the problem. Most monitors have no sheilding at all, so the best thing would be to put them on opposite sides of the desk.

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by Norehca In reply to Normal situation

is it harmful to the monitors? because unfortunately the farthest i can put them is about an inch from eachother. Id have to take apart another section of my desk to move them farther apart unfortunately. I guess ill have to if it comes to it.

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Not dangerous

by mjd420nova In reply to dangerous?

It isn't dangerous, but I'd not want to be your support person. Check it out, move them farther apart or try them individually to see if the lines are still there. I have seen large power transformers in another room, on the other side of a wall actually, create so much interference that the user thought they were developing an astigmatism.

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MJD is correct

by steff16 In reply to Not dangerous

the interferince form the sub is magnetic throwing the monitors pixles off try that and in the screen a slightley diffrent color on the side by the sub
is so thats the prolbem

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by ozi Eagle In reply to Monitor acting up!

It sounds as if you have the brightness turned up way too high. The lines you describe sound like the retrace of the electron beam, when the normal raster scan reaches the end and returns to the start for the next field.


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