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My Choices for Leaving Windows 7 for Linux

By vegemighty ·
Hello. I want to discuss my choices for leaving the Windows 7 OS.

I hate Windows. I want to go to Ubuntu Studio. But in my SOHO my business partner has 20 years of Windows Word files for legal cases. He is computer illiterate. So I send his emails. Anyway my choices as I see it:
[1.] dual boot Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu Studio
[2.] Run Ubuntu Studio and run Windows 8.1 in a VM.
[3.] as a last resort run Windows 8.1 only. I do not want to do this!

I could go into pros and cons for thats the TLDR for now. Ideas? Thank you.

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Why Windows 8.1?

If it were me, and I was going to upgrade my Windows
installation, I'd go with Windows 10 if my hardware
supported it (my laptop tried a few years ago, never
could get past 50%, so it stays with Windows 7).
There's that option as well, stay with Win7...though
official support ends early 2020, if your software is
supported on Win7, it could still be viable provided you
take necessary precautions.
On this old netbook, I still run WinXP, but I also multi-
boot various Slackware based Puppy Linux distros.
I don't go for the Ubuntu flavors, but that's just my
personal choice, as I prefer Slackware. Puppy Linux
might take a bit of getting accustomed to, but the
forum is quite helpful and friendly.

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extra tldr

by vegemighty In reply to Why Windows 8.1?

Windows 7 cannot be safe to run next year. Hackers claim to have the sourcecode of three unnamed AV products. If that doesn't scare you nothing will. In fact I'd go further and say that the asymptotic tipping point has arrived where AV products are useless.

But why Win 8.1 and not 10? Because Windows 10 is the worst OS that I have ever seen. I don't want a crapware infested advertising billboard; I just want to get work done. I cannot believe that Microsoft seriously sells something that atrocious. I wish that I could go 100% Linux. I would if it were just me. But my business partner needs to have his word/libreoffice reports in the correct format; they are for lawyers so if one comma is out they wail like banshees:"that's not ready for court!"

I also like puppy lInux. But for my creative bent such as making music ubuntu studio makes more sense. I have tried hundreds of linux distros over ten years, some in a VM and some in metal. I would use Windows 10 Enterprise but I am a peasant who is not worthy; Windows 10 Enterprise is only for the high priest caste of anointed ones. I am scum. I am not worthy in the eyes of Mike Rosoft.

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Using Linux In a Windows World

by palladini69 In reply to extra tldr

Libre Office, the Office Sweet that Linux has, can save everything in a Format Windows understand, you just need to set the Preferences to that and your done. Then there is also Open Office, it can do the same and they have versions that run on the Linux Platform

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I wanted to demonstrate that Puppy Linux

could be a viable alternative! So, I rebooted from WinXP
which I was in earlier, using a specially compiled version
of Palemoon called New Moon for WinXP by roytam,
my netbook only has 1 gig ram, Intel Atom CPU N2700 1.6 gHz, graphics are Intel, but basically stuck at 1024 x 600,
Windows 7 and later will not run on it at that resolution,
so, I found Slackware, and several derivatives. I have it setup to multi-boot 4 different Puppies via grub4dos, I rebooted into ScPup 19.06 32 bit (a current favorite), connected to my WiFi, fired up Palemoon (highly recommended by the way) and here I am!
To get your feet wet with Puppy, I would recommed USB thumb drive, at least 4 gig (gives plenty of space
for saving your stuff, a 2 gig would be just fine!)
Next, search online for unetbootin, this lets you create
bootable USB sticks in Windows containing various
Linux distributions. Search for ScPup online, download
either 32 or 64 bit, whichever works on your system,
both are available as ISO files. Save the file on your
computer, then once you have unetbootin downloaded, fire it up in usual manner in Explorer (double click) and choose option to use an ISO on your system, browse to the downloaded ScPup ISO and unetbootin will setup the OS on the thumb drive!
Make sure your computer is set in BIOS to allow booting from USB, then just reboot with thumb drive
in a USB port, may have to press F12 etc to get to boot device selection. Puppy Linux will then start up in
first run mode, complete with wizards to guide through
network setup, localization, etc.
Give it a try!

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barriers to all linux

by vegemighty In reply to I wanted to demonstrate t ...

The bottom line is this. I need to:
[1.] have reports made in windows 7 on an offline computer format the same way in libreoffice on my second computer.
[2.] Same with fonts
[3.] I need to convert word and libreoffice documents to pdf. Now on Windows 7 I use Corel pdf convert; I have no idea what I would use for that on lInux.
[4.] I need access to dropbox. Some Linux distros don't support this.
[5.] Email set up with thunderbird. This can be done on Linux. But I have to decide whether to run it on linux or in the Windows 8.1 VM.

Yes. If anyone hasn't already worked it out, I must truly hate Widows 10 to run 8.1 instead. It is not perfect - yes i know it zonks in 2023 and Mike Rosoft has conspired to deny new chipsets etc etc. But I cannot believe what Microsoft has done to 10. That is a nightmare fuel OS out of a horror show. People are running third party scripts to stop its spying? Thats like a car saying you want to go to Boston? No way you're going to Toronto. So you have to hotwire the car every time. Madness.

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Not sure on Dropbox,

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to barriers to all linux

but seem to remember seeing a forum discussion regarding Dropbox at the Puppy Linux forums.
Now, for PDFs, Puppy comes with 2 different tools,
Puppy PDFConvert, and Peasy PDF convert/join/extract.
As to Libreoffice, there is a Puppy package available for it, or OpenOffice if you prefer.
Thunderbird...yep, it's available as well!
Have a read through the forum, I would leave a link here but it would trigger the spam filters,
even on me!

ps...edit to add something, in regards to legal documents in MS Word format etc., I use Palemoon, and have no problems accessing the online free versions of MS Office. So that could be another option.

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Thank you

by vegemighty In reply to Not sure on Dropbox,

Of course I should have included another option to dual boot two Linux distributions. Most of them dual boot well; the only one that I had problems with was Opensuse. So dual boot Puppy and ubuntu studio? If I could get rid of Windows totally I would be happy. I don't need Windows. If I can do the dot points above all in Linux! I am not a gamer. The programs that I bring over - reaper and renoise - run on Linux. I see no future in either Windows or Mac.

Thanks for the help.

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RE: My Choices for Leaving Windows 7 for Linux; Run with option 2

by EdithAD In reply to My Choices for Leaving Wi ...

Yeah VMs is definitely the way to go, My gaming setup uses QEMU as my hypervisor and the performance is extremely good. IDK what you're running but I'm pretty sure you can go with a VM and still get decent performance that it won't matter for editing or reading Windows Word Files.

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Why Linux is better

by StevenTillson02 In reply to My Choices for Leaving Wi ...

Linux is better as compared to every other option. But you have purpose of it.

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