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My experience with no shouting

By bbbaldie ·
I have several non-nerdy friends and acquaintences who have called me with serious system problems (spyware, viruses, worms, etc. all via unsecured broadband). After I undo the damage (sometimes rebuilding from scratch in serious cases), I leave them with five things: ZoneAlarm, or preferably, a broadband router/firewall; Spybot, set to automatically update and scan nightly; AVG from Grisoft, also set to update and scan nightly; Windows Updates set to do its thing automatically, and Firefox. User is advised to stop using IE. I have yet to have anyone call me with further issues after months. Case closed, as far as I'm concerned.

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Different but Similar

by paulvn In reply to My experience with no sho ...

I use Outpost 2.5 Pro as it performs faster than ZoneAlarm and is easier to support neophyte end users. Mike Lin's Startup Monitor, which alerts user every time something attempts to register an automatic startup, Spybot using the innoculate feature-no auto scan, avast! from Alwil automatically checks for updates several times per day, set On Access Control to High-no autoscan, Windows Update set to notify only so user will gradually get an education by reading the update descriptions, and Opera (currently 8.0 beta 1). Opera is easier to use, faster, easier to set up, and has many features not found in Firefox, including an integrated email client. If email needs are high ore needing security beyond Opera, I use The Bat! currently beta

Open Office is used for an Office Suite. If something mandates Microsoft there is much loud discussion on the vulnerabilities and responsibilities of using it. I use WordPerfect Office for long time users who have difficulty aclimating to the Open Office interface.

No customer has ever been infected using this combination and machine performance is minimally impacted! If up-front protection is in place the autoscans are needless overkill that just wear out the hard drive(s).

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Stop services

by mpalmiro In reply to My experience with no sho ...

I allways disable some windows services, like:
Remote registry

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Add another

by HereInOz In reply to My experience with no sho ...

I totally agree with your list, and I would add another - Spywareblaster from Javacool software. Set it up with automatic updates - cost a few $$$ per year - and you will go a long way to keeping spyware and tracking cookies off the machine totally.


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Right on!!

by xpert54 In reply to My experience with no sho ...

I agree with your choices 100%

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by jfreedle2 In reply to My experience with no sho ...

If somebody put Firefox on my computer, not only would I remove the garbage off the computer, but they would no longer be my friend, and I would seriously consider suing them for putting that garbage on that computer. As a matter of fact I ran into a computer not to long ago that had the software installed, and it was so messed up, that a clean installation of Windows xp was recommended. The computer had a installation of Windows 2000 on it, but they did not have installation media for that, so I did not perform the installation myself. I have pretty much decided that the only browser that I will be using will be Internet Explorer and if they mandate using Firefox at work, then I will continue to use Internet Explorer anyway and ensure that the software would be removed.

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One problem computer, it's Firefox's fault?

by tsherr In reply to Firefox, ABSOLUTELY NOT

I think you might want to broaden your testing/knowledge before someone at your workplace finds out and downsizes you. A single computer with a problem that has Firefox installed proves nothing. There are hundreds of other things that could have caused Windows problems that were unrelated to Firefox (the fact that they were running a pirated version of Windows would be the first thing I would look at.)
I'm typing this in Firefox, and have been using it for months, with no problems, except for the occasionaly IE-only website.
And "deciding" that a specific program will be the only one of its type you will use is foolish. If you are in the IT field, you should be trying out new options constantly. If you stand still, you're going to be run over and left behind.


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I agree... nothing wrong with Firefox

by BlueKnight In reply to One problem computer, it' ...

I've been using Firefox myself for many months including the version prior to 1.0 and have had no problems whatsoever. Methinks bigjim needs to hone his problem diagnosis and troubleshooting skills.

I've been in the IT field for 39 years (and counting) and I'm always learning, always trying new stuff and am never caught standing still... or coming to half-baked conclusions based on momentary observations and incomplete information.

Had bigjim spent a little time investigating the problems on the machine that just happened to have Firefox on it, I'm certain he'd have found something much different than the conclusion he obviously jumped to.

It's better to be the windshield than the bug


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Curious, no reason given

by dchamp In reply to Firefox, ABSOLUTELY NOT

I find it very interesting there's no lucid reason NOT to use Firefox. I've been using it on my 2 work PC's, and 5 home PC's since th V1 beta, and it's far superior to IE in so many ways.
Maybe you should take a good look at it again, with no preconceptions.
Also, I highly doubt a PC was totally messed up by a browser of any kind.

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Maybe BigJim is an MS Schill?

by jtnieves In reply to Curious, no reason given

I don't mean to disparage another poster on this board, but such vehemence for one product (IE) over another with very little supporting evidence always makes me wonder what the poster's motive is? Perhaps he feels he needs to protect a sizeable $$ investment in MS? Or, maybe he simply reveres MS in the same way some do the Bible? Or he's a junior public relations person in MS's schill factory hired to raise FUD about new (and better) products?

Having worked in PR myself at one point, I lean towards the last reason. Lots of companies do that to "beat down" the competition.

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What the heck is a schill anyway.

by jfreedle2 In reply to Maybe BigJim is an MS Sch ...

I take offence to the comment that someone may be putting things in my mind. The main reason that I have for not liking Firefox is simply I do not trust the people who have written the code. The motiviations of Microsoft is perfectly clear, they are to raise revenue for Microsoft. I have yet to look at Firefox and really don't intend to. I am quite pleased with Intenet Explorer and it has given me no issues and works quite well.
As for PR, I don't believe in it. I believe in stating things honestly and completely truthful. This is my stance on Firefox, I don't trust it, and until I have a chance to read the ENTIRE CODE of the product, I WILL NOT TRUST it. Internet Explorer was purchased and updated by Microsoft and installed on a Microsoft Operating System. I know that it will work everytime I go to use it. Over the last 20 years, I have noticed that programs written by other people tend to crash and cause problems in Windows. I believe that it should be MANDATED that if you wish to sell hardware that works on ANY system, then you must SIGN the drivers. If the drivers are not signed, then they have not business outside the organization developing them.
As for motivation to support Internet Explorer, it does not matter as much. I would not use Firefox on Linux either. Konqueror works perfectly for me.
As for your speculations, do not persume facts not in evidence, unless you are prepared to face the consequences.

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