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My experience with no shouting

By bbbaldie ·
I have several non-nerdy friends and acquaintences who have called me with serious system problems (spyware, viruses, worms, etc. all via unsecured broadband). After I undo the damage (sometimes rebuilding from scratch in serious cases), I leave them with five things: ZoneAlarm, or preferably, a broadband router/firewall; Spybot, set to automatically update and scan nightly; AVG from Grisoft, also set to update and scan nightly; Windows Updates set to do its thing automatically, and Firefox. User is advised to stop using IE. I have yet to have anyone call me with further issues after months. Case closed, as far as I'm concerned.

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Don't get too mad

by Oz_Media In reply to Pot... Kettle holding on ...

You just might be his manager one day, by some unfortunate stroke of luck of course.

Obviously that is the mindset that keeps you and I employed. Graciously thank him for jeopardizing his network. For every poor admin, there are two good ones to fill their shoes.

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I can't believe

by jdclyde In reply to Reason for Firefox stance

That his e-mail isn't an AOL account.

Lets talk more money than brains here.

If you want to say you are too lazy to look for a solution to the problems going on, say it.

If you don't have the understanding of how to install a program on your computer that doesn't have autorun on a CD, say it.

Which is more likely to have bad code found and fixed, open source where anyone who understands code can look it over, or closed source where there is more of a push to be first to market than to have a good product?

Glad I don't have someone like you looking after our company computers.

Why buy a word processor? Notepad and wordpad come with your computer OS. (or didn't you know that?)

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A Thought

by AcousticNut In reply to Firefox, ABSOLUTELY NOT

Utilizing your logic, I've never worked on a system using Firefox that has Operating System problems. 100% of the systems I've worked on with Operating System problems have used Internet Explorer, therefore Internet Explorer must be the problem. I'll be sure to never use Internet Explorer again!

I too use Firefox on my work PC and all home PCs without problems. Be sure to broaden your scope prior to making quick assumptions.

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good grief!

by RAWK In reply to Firefox, ABSOLUTELY NOT

This is irony, right? An apparent pirate copy of win2k and you blame the BROWSER?

post your cv here so I don't accidentally hire such a low-brow.

"....would no longer be my friend...." Ha!

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by Christopher.Seward In reply to Firefox, ABSOLUTELY NOT

I would not hire this guy! A definite security breach waiting to happen.

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Hold on there Tonto

by Ddissent In reply to Firefox, ABSOLUTELY NOT

If that system was THAT messed up then I HIGHLY doubt Firefox was the culprit - Either that or you have no clue as to what your doing - Only you can know that.

Man - ending friendships - law suits - I can see the headlins now

"Man kills friend over browser rage incident"

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Firefox vs IE

by sadler In reply to Firefox, ABSOLUTELY NOT

You should give it a try instead of basing your opinion on one system. Firefox blows IE away not only is it more secure it is by far faster at bringing up webpages. As for your friend it was probably the bootleg 2000 and other stolen software that hosed the system. Possibly not running the microsoft security updates. I seriously doubt the problem came from Firefox.

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Is Firefox it really more secure?

by Americium In reply to Firefox vs IE

I agree that in this instance, Win2K was probably the problem - not Firefox.

However, is Firefox really that much more secure? There is a vulnerability listed at:

There are some statistics at the bottom of the page supporting Firefox being more secure. If Firefox was as ubiquitous as IE and we extrapolate those numbers to the number of IE users, I would expect the number of security holes discovered to be larger as well. It appears to me that hackers would find more holes in Firefox if more people were using it.

I have used firefox and like it; but found enough pages that don't load properly to preclude my use of it regularly. It's a hassle to break out IE when a page doesn't look right instead of just using it instead of Firefox.

I believe that the best security solution is not creating more secure browsing software. There two things that will make the computer use more secure. 1. Better educated users (good luck!). 2. Legislation that allows prosecution of malicious, predatory installation of software that the user doesn't want.

My 2 cents. . .

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Faster turn-around and track record

by jdclyde In reply to Is Firefox it really more ...

First, if / when there are more expoits found in FireFox it has been proven over and over again that OpenSource programs have a much faster turn around time from when an exploit is found to when a patch has been released.

MS has sat on more than one exploit for several months, this is the company that will keep you safe?

As for sites that "don't load properly", does it load if you use ANY other browser? Can you blame the browser because someone used the frontpage wizards to throw together a non-compliant web page?

Any business that writes a page that doesn't load in anything from Opra to AOL just doesn't know how to create a web page.

If I have something to sell, do I want only IE users to be able to buy my product? Heck no! I want all the AOL users with more money than brains to come to my site and buy everything up.

There are things known as industry standards. MicroSoft has never been known for following them.

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Also, regarding recovery....

by house In reply to Faster turn-around and tr ...

If Firefox craps out, remove and reinstall. If IE craps out... good luck. I can get it up and running again, but not everyone has that sort of experience with the MS beast.

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