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My experience with no shouting

By bbbaldie ·
I have several non-nerdy friends and acquaintences who have called me with serious system problems (spyware, viruses, worms, etc. all via unsecured broadband). After I undo the damage (sometimes rebuilding from scratch in serious cases), I leave them with five things: ZoneAlarm, or preferably, a broadband router/firewall; Spybot, set to automatically update and scan nightly; AVG from Grisoft, also set to update and scan nightly; Windows Updates set to do its thing automatically, and Firefox. User is advised to stop using IE. I have yet to have anyone call me with further issues after months. Case closed, as far as I'm concerned.

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Like that would ever happen . . . .

by jdclyde In reply to Also, regarding recovery. ...

IE crap out? It is written by The MicroSoft Corporation. It does not "crap out".

What could you have been thinking?

The MS police will be knocking on your door any minute now to discuss your blasphamis comments with you, in private.

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Listen to this...

by house In reply to Like that would ever happ ...

We are in the process of updating a backup server that is running 2003... everything was fine until we hit an IE patch (don't ask me why we are updating IE???)... now it's hung...but it seems to be creeping along - with any luck, it'll be done by the time our schedule starts up. Piece of crap.

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Like the commercials say

by Oz_Media In reply to Like that would ever happ ...


Well MS can knock my door too, better still have them send Mr. Gates and a few partners to help him find the bloody Chicklets he begins to spit up soon afterwards.

When they finish here, I can them send him to a few customer sites that REALLY aren't too happy with him and far less accepting of MS than I am.

Better still, give me time to create an Open Office spreadsheet of pissedoff customers so he can visit them all in one trip.

And as they

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IE crapping out?

by amcguire In reply to Also, regarding recovery. ...

Must have been someone that either doesn't know what they are doing, or went to a few too many porn sites. I've NEVER heard of IE "crapping out", as you put it.

You are just another anti-M$ person - face it, it's all about politics with people like you. You just love to hate Microsoft products, rather than try to understand how to use them properly.

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IE crapping out!

by apotheon In reply to IE crapping out?

You say you've never heard of IE "crapping out". Well, gee, I have. I've heard of pretty much every single application and major, cohesive feature set on Windows "crapping out" at one time or another, including Windows itself. Windows has problems with keeping the registry in some kind of sane order, filling it with cruft over time as the user installs, uninstalls, and reconfigures software and GUI settings. DLLs tend to get corrupted over time, memory leaks and conflicts develop, and other problems arise. The end result is that, eventually, you may find that some critical functionality now causes system lock-ups and crashes, application crashes, glitchy behavior, and so on.

If you claim this hasn't ever happen to you, there are three possibilities that come to mind: either you're the luckiest Windows user in the world, Bill Gates has told you some Wonder Secret of Windows that nobody else in the world knows, or you're lying. The commentary house offered about not being able to recover easily from a major IE problem is entirely valid, and it doesn't make him anti-MS. In fact, of the people in this thread, he's one of the least polarized in regards to MS vs. non-MS. He's been thoroughly reasonable and pretty mild all along. If you want someone to accuse of being anti-MS, you should save your spurious accusations for someone that more closely fits the description, like me.

I loathe Microsoft. Their business practices make Enron look like a pack of guardian angels by comparison. Aside from that, the marketing department's domination of software design at Microsoft has produced a great many problems with MS software that no other vendor or software project has ever experienced, including that fiasco of Microsoft security produced by the way IE is hooked directly into the OS to allow privilege bypassing and remote code execution natively, among other horrible effects of a monumentally bad idea. My low opinion of Microsoft comes from the fact that I've been supporting MS software, both professionally and non-, for years. I'm still doing so, and I'm still coming to dislike Microsoft's offerings more all the time.

Your attack on house is not only unfounded, but patently absurd. Save your specious statements for people that will take great pleasure in tearing you apart, like me.

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Awwww DUDE

by Oz_Media In reply to IE crapping out?

Can't believe I just read that! WHere have you been all these years where you have never heard of IE "crapping out"? IE has a COMMON issue with just "crapping out"! Just all of a sudden...ceasing to be.

When it comes to political discussions there are two sides, if one doesn't agree with the other, it is deemed anti-xxxxx. Now whomever disagrees for whatever reason will ALSO be placed into the anti-xxxxx group, regardless of complaint.

With IT it is exactly the same. There are MS Junkies and there are the anti-MS people.

Now regardless of what anyone says and no matter what thier experience is, you will label them as anti-Miscosoft and discount any further opinions that person may have based on such a falsely conclusive opinion.

Nice play! Well done...what a winner!

Apotheon, it's just too bad I can't buy you a beer!

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Did you go to school on the short yellow bus too?

by dafe2 In reply to IE crapping out?

For the record - I pretty much hate anything but Microsoft.

You may want to put something realistic on the table. Internet Explorer does die from time to time - A bad shutdown could cause library corruption for instance.

Get a life.

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to: Oz, re: beer, and to: dafe2

by apotheon In reply to IE crapping out?

Can't buy me a beer . . . ?

Those'll do. Heh.


Hey, dafe2, do you think you'll be called "anti-MS" now?

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by house In reply to IE crapping out?

a> Here... you should try on this coat. It'll protect you from from the weather.

b> I don't need a new coat.

a> You don't need a new coat? It's crazy out there. You won't last an hour with that ratty old thing.

b> I've never noticed.

a> When you go outside you don't get cold? You'll get sick.

b> No I won't.

a> How's that?

b> I don't go outside.


I figured that I should make an appearance considering I'm being poked at. Unlike 'apotheon', I really don't have much to say to the guy.

1) I've used IE for years, inside and out.

2) I use Firefox at home now since the release of 1.0 for Windows, but have used it for a while on Linux boxes. I found a few issues with the beta for the MS port and only gave it a second chance after following a few discussions, here at TR, fourth quarter 2004.

3) Firefox is a simple program that you can add and remove at your leisure whereas IE is a beast - plain and simple.

4) My concern regarding IE is somewhat directed at people who do not know how to manage their systems accordingly. I'm in the field of IT and I provide service to end users - of course they visit porn sites and whatever the ****.

5) I have seen MS crap out in all walks of the OS, and you can trust that I know how to manage my system.

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by Oz_Media In reply to IE crapping out?

Two of the great websites on the web!

Having a friend that's a Guinness rep and another who owns a pub that serves Guinness, I have more than my fair share of Guinness swag now. Bar towels, inflatable pints, banners, metal signs in the shop, t-shirts, shorts jackets etc.

The think geek stuff I have always thought was interesting, great gadgets, but I never buy any of it, they are usually similar to local gadget shops but better quality items are found in town; Zippo camera's etc. are a little better at shops in town than the TG version for example.

But they have plenty of stuff on line to kill some time while checking out the latest.

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